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f-cell goes mobile.

Lots of offers on the subject of mobility at trade fairs and congresses; Hydrogen and fuel cells as the technology of the future

f-cell Ride & Drive

Hydrogen H2 jobs

Visitors can get behind the wheel of a hydrogen car at the free Ride & Drive on the Messepiazza on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart. The Hyundai vehicle then drives along the “test track” on Autobahn 81. The test drives are free for visitors.

ICM-HZwo: OSCar test and training vehicle

As part of the research project “HZwo:FRAME VP2.5 – Intelligent thermal management module for fuel cell vehicles”, the ICM (Institute for Mechanical and Plant Engineering Chemnitz) has developed a four-wheeled fuel cell vehicle that consists of various components for drive and thermal control.

The necessary energy is generated by a fuel cell system in the front end. This system is fed from a 78-liter hydrogen tank, which holds 3.12 kg of hydrogen, in the middle of the vehicle interior. The test and training vehicle can be seen at the f-cell exhibit in the ICS foyer.

German Aerospace Center: cargo bike with fuel cell technology

The German Aerospace Center is participating in the f-cell program with its “Interreg” project. In this project, the use of cargo bikes with fuel cell systems is being tested as an alternative to batteries.

The aim is to demonstrate the potential of these wheels to replace combustion engine vehicles and continuously reduce CO2 emissions, congestion and delivery delays.

Compared to batteries, fuel cell technology delivers more energy with the same dimensions and weighs less. In addition, the hydrogen tank can be filled in just a few minutes and does not suffer any loss of performance even in winter when temperatures are below zero. Such a cargo bike will be presented at the f-cell.

Hydrogen activities in Baden-Württemberg: The H2BW platform

The H2BW platform presents current hydrogen activities in Baden-Württemberg. It is funded by e-mobil BW – the state agency for new mobility solutions and automotive – and the state’s Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy.

The H2BW platform bundles all these activities and addresses the application of hydrogen in the mobility sector. This also includes ongoing projects in the field of hydrogen such as the flagship projects H2Rivers & H2-Rhein-Neckar. In addition to mobility, the H2BW platform also covers the industrial, heating/building and power generation sectors.

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About F Cell

The participants meet at f-cell to ensure continuous technological progress in hydrogen and fuel technology, to exchange knowledge and experiences and to open up new international markets. For more than 20 years, the annual conference, exhibition and awards ceremony has covered every aspect of the industry, from manufacturing and components to systems and applications.

f-cell is the perfect platform for personal exchange and networking. The Stuttgart location is ideal for exhibitors and visitors alike. The state-of-the-art exhibition and congress center is located in one of the strongest economic regions in Europe and offers excellent transport connections. In addition, f-cell events abroad, for example in China and Canada, offer direct access to global markets.


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f-cell goes mobile, September 27, 2022