Faith in Metaverse

The Bhagavad Gita mentions: “Everywhere are His hands and feet, eyes, head and faces. His ears are also everywhere, for He permeates everything in the universe.” This literally means that God is omnipresent, even in the metaverse. Yes, you read correctly.

Metaverse is a multidimensional world set up using AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) that can be accessed from multiple types of devices. It gives you a 360-degree experience of a place, an environment, and its interactivity will make you feel like you’re right there. This is a boon in the digital revolution that will change the concept of virtual reality forever. You will enjoy all the privileges and experience the divinity without being present. That’s the magic of the metaverse, which has room for everyone. Even religion & belief.

Metaverse is also the future of religion. Religious sites have also been closed for darshan as the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of believers urged, demanded, and even raised their voices against the decision to ban temple attendance. If Metaverse had been big during the Covid period, people would have had the opportunity to visit any temple, mosque, church or place of faith with just a simple click. In the Metaverse, staying in touch with your Almighty requires no hurdles like permits or long queues, not even a lack of money, time, or health.

Metaverse has a solution for followers around the world. Since places of worship exist on the internet, all you need is a device with a good internet speed. With just one click you can enter the virtual space of any sacred place or worship to offer your prayers and feel the divinity in an immersive way.

Mohit Goel – Founder and CEO of Metalok

Seniors who want to go on yatra and bedridden patients who want to feel positive vibrations can take the opportunity to visit the holy place without risking their health and worrying about costs. .

The city of Calcutta has set an example by initiating Meta Pujo. All prominent puja pandals in Kolkata will be accessible via 3D twins on the metaverse.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath opened a virtual reality booth at Kumbh Mela, allowing devotees to skip the line and experience the phenomena of Kumbh through virtual reality (VR).

At Metalok we create digital twins of religious sites and our very first project is the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. It is the dream of every Hindu around the world to visit the temple once. While the temple is still under construction, so is our project. We truly believe that with the support of the right authorities and permits, we can make this our virtual dream project a reality on the internet, so that every bhakt, even the millennials, can go on this immersive virtual pilgrimage to feel and seek the divinity of the Blessings of Lord Ram.

Many trust boards operate places of worship and require donations. Metaverse can accommodate more followers than the actual place of worship. It gives many devotees from all over the world the opportunity to donate to their desired religious location after completing their virtual visit.

Most of us would love to take home this little souvenir from that religious place you just visited. In Metaverse you can also buy such souvenirs that can be delivered to you. Even tickets can be placed as an entry fee into a religious metaverse to help the trust bodies.

(Disclaimer: Article written by Mohit Goel, Founder and CEO of Metalok. Views expressed are those of the author and not DNA.)