Family demands justice for the death of a woman seen in a video attack

A woman holds up a placard calling for justice for Shanquella Robinson during a news conference Friday March 3, 2023. (Screenshot of CBS affiliate WUSA press conference in Washington, DC)

Family members of a 25-year-old woman seen in video being violently assaulted by a woman before dying in a Mexican resort town have urged President Joe Biden and the US State Department to help bring those responsible forward to bring court.

Shanquella Robinson, a social media influencer and boutique clothing owner from Charlotte, North Carolina, died on October 29, 2022. She died a day after she and six others arrived at a Cabo San Lucas mansion. Initial reports put her death down to alcohol poisoning, but family members said an autopsy found her neck and spine broken.

“We are calling for diplomatic intervention by the President of the United States and the State Department to do what is necessary to bring the person or persons responsible for the murder of Shanquella Robinson to justice,” said civil rights attorney Ben Crump. who joined family members at a press conference in Washington DC on Friday.

He said the video was horrible and inhuman.

He said the group who traveled with her to Mexico told her mother she died of alcohol poisoning. Crump said they didn’t mention the fight, which they poked fun at in lyrics.

“I’m talking about adding insult to injury,” he said.

Crump said Mexico’s investigation was complete. They have identified a suspect who is currently at large in the United States

“It is not right that the suspects and those involved sleep comfortably in their own beds at night,” he said. “Either extradite the killer and those who were accomplices, or assume responsibility for the matter.”

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The State Department declined to comment, ABC News reported. The FBI has an ongoing investigation, the broadcaster reported.

Meanwhile, her mother Sellamondra wants answers.

“I wouldn’t wish this horrible nightmare on anyone,” she said. “My daughter was brutally beaten in a video. She was undressed and there were many people who could have helped her. They laughed and joked instead. Shanquella came back from vacation dead with a broken neck and spine.

“I can hardly speak about it. The people who knew what happened to my daughter are living their lives. They have returned to work and my family will have to wait and we are asking for answers.”

The victim’s sister said it was the hardest thing she had to deal with. She said her mind has not been calm and she has not been able to rest since her death.

“I’ve come to terms with the death of a loved one in my family, but my sister’s death is a different kind of love. This trip was frustrating. I feel like our government has let us down.”