Family of 5 needs help!

Family of 5 needs help… This couple has always worked hard and actually worked together to get construction jobs done. You have 3 amazing kids (and you’ll understand later why I say amazing) but imagine you and your significant other are cleaning around the house and doing yard work and you have a trailer full of dirt that you need to dispose of, so bring it him to the landfill where a person at each end of the trailer will scoop away the dirt when the guy pushing the garbage up to compact it and make more room for more garbage was too close to your vehicle and your man turns and doesn’t realize how close he was until he was laid out on the ground like a pancake because the guy in the bulldozer was so close to pushing up the trash that an 8ft x 3ft piece of marble shot out of him so hard and hit him dead center in the back, knocking him to the ground. Little did they know that this is the beginning of what drives them to live on the streets. They have a lawyer trying to sue the company that hurt him for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and negligence for allowing someone clearly incapable of operating machinery safely, what about will take two years to complete this process, not to mention the husband will be unable to work and will have to undergo neck surgery to fix the issues surrounding the injury from the accident, so the lawyer tells him to hire another attorney to start representing your disability, but it will likely take some time to process too, will be rejected the first time and will have to reapply the second time to be approved. At this point, rent, water, and electric bills are more than a month behind, then the pickup truck engine dies and needs a new engine, leaving the family with only one vehicle, because that will definitely not be repaired immediately. Electricity and water had been shut off twice, able to borrow from one person to pay for the cut then the only running car they have goes out with the radiator a $400 part they didn’t have and had to borrow to get it replaced to go some way then landlord threatens 2 days later with eviction if they don’t collect the rent. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul until they ask for the money you borrowed back then. Then 2 more weeks go by and the car starts to go bad and it’s a spool that has gone bad and for a spool it’s $100.00 so you had to borrow that to get it running then 4 days later again, after that the power is cut off, the same day the car won’t start because the cold front coming through killed the battery and no money for everyone and everyone because it’s a process they have to go through to get the money owed to them to survive. Beneath all of this there are 3 kids who don’t and won’t have the first present under the tree on Christmas morning and these amazing kids understand and know that they will make things right once their parents get back on their feet as a parent it still breaks the heart to know that they won’t be opening presents on Christmas morning because their father was involved in an accident that left him jobless and stuck in the system. It’s a long process, but it will take care of the system of a world we live in. So please if you can donate whatever you can to help with their bills, personal items like soap, shampoo etc and most importantly get 3 children at least one gift under the tree on Christmas morning. They’ve gotten to the point where they want to give up being in the world because everyone legally bound has failed them. You would be so grateful for every penny you can donate from the bottom of your heart. God bless and Merry Christmas to you all.

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