Fans Loved Amazon’s Rings of Power, According to Social Media Analysis

The first season of Amazon’s new Lord of the rings The series has been popular with fans on social media, with positive tweets outweighing negative tweets more than 2 to 1, according to a new report.

Set thousands of years before the timeline in JRR Tolkien’s novels, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon Prime broke streaming records when it launched on September 1st. The final episode of Season 1 streamed last week.

German website analyzed 375,000 tweets to examine fan reactions to both Rings of Power and HBO’s house of the dragon.

The analysis showed that 47.3 percent of the tweets about Rings of Power positive, 19.9 percent negative, and 32.8 percent neutral. The numbers for house of the dragon were less impressive: 35.3 percent of the tweets were positive, 17.7 percent negative, and 47 percent neutral.

Twitter analysis also revealed that:

– the most cited actor from the Rings of Power Series was Morfydd Clark portraying Galadriel (30.7 percent of tweets mentioned her). Also popular were Lenny Henry (who portrays Sadoc Burrows) and Sophia Nomvete (who portrays Princess Disa), mentioned by 21 percent and 7.5 percent of tweets, respectively.

– The most mentioned character was Galadriel (30.1 percent of tweets). Princess Disa (16.7 percent) and Elrond (11.1 percent) were the second and third most popular characters, respectively.

Rings of Power is scheduled for five seasons and is based on the “Appendices” of the Tolkien books, the information he placed at the end of the novels to set out the background of his universe.

The head of Amazon Studios said earlier this year that the company was determined to do so Rings of Power familyfriendly.

“There is so much darkness in the world. Leaning into the light…was really appealing to everyone – to bring something to our global customer base that has hope and light and that a family can see,” Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, told Variety. “So many people grew up reading this literature and we wanted this series to pass it on for new generations of Tolkien lovers. The line we used is, ‘If you’re old enough to read the books, you’re old enough to see the show.’”

“We knew from the start that this wasn’t our case game of Thrones‘ she added, referring to the HBO series known for sex and violence. “In fact, from the minute the deal was done, fans have been speaking up and saying, ‘Please don’t try to insert sex and a level of provocative violence,’ things that don’t feel like the stories Tolkien wanted to tell.”


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