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Chung is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology. Her research focuses on understanding cardiac and metabolic adaptations to various stimuli including pregnancy, exercise, diet and obesity. She plans to use the grant funds to expand the scope of research her team is conducting on obesity and related diseases.


GarcĂ­a-Louis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Her research aims to disrupt negative stereotypes about Latinxs, minorities, and underrepresented groups in higher education through the critical incorporation of culturally appropriate, asset-based methodological approaches. She hopes to use the grant funds to make conferences and research more accessible to students and the community.


Griffin, an associate professor at the School of Architecture and Planning, examines how planners and the public are collaborating with technology to improve transportation, civic engagement and health. He currently works as a Co-Principal Investigator for the UTSA ScooterLab, where he and his team are researching micromobility. The grant funding will help support Griffin’s micromobility research and international planning studies to address evolving urban and regional challenges.


Malshe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing. His research interests include social media marketing, the intersection of marketing and finance, consumer behavior, and machine learning. In particular, his research focuses on measuring the impact of marketing strategies on financial markets. He intends to use the grant to continue his work on several projects using machine learning to analyze text data.


Mayer is an associate professor at the Institute for Physics and Astronomy. Her research interests include biophysics, optical techniques, single molecule studies, plasmonics, nanotechnology and nanomedicine. She heads the Mayer Lab, where she and students analyze metallic nanoparticles and their applications in biology and medicine. Mayer plans to use her grant funds to further support her team’s research in the coming year.

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Piel, an associate professor at the Department of Social Work, studies child welfare and care systems, youth and family resilience, and mental health and trauma. Since 2019, she has served as the principal investigator for the Bexar County Fostering Educational Success Pilot Project (BCFES), which aims to improve graduation rates and promote post-secondary academic success for students with a history of foster care. She intends to use the grant funds to continue her research and improve outcomes for youth and families in the care system.


Valecha is Associate Professor at the Institute of Information Systems and Cybersecurity. He conducts research on crisis response analysis, health information security, privacy, cybersecurity and social media. His research uses social, psychological, and design theories to understand the role of social media in mitigating major societal disruptions. He plans to expand his research on these topics with funds from the fellowship.


Jadliwala is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science. His research covers all aspects of cyber and cyber-physical systems security and user privacy. He currently leads the Security, Privacy, Trust and Ethics in Computing Lab (SPriTELab). Jadliwala will use his scholarship funds to continue his team’s security and privacy research and to advance student education and training opportunities in these areas.


Gong, associate professor at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, conducts research on security and privacy in big data, machine learning, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, mobile computing, and wireless networks. She is director of the Trustworthy and Intelligent Networked Systems Lab (TINS). Gong plans to further advance her research program and use her grant funds to establish further research collaborations at UTSA.

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