Fiber Broadband is Better than Copper Cable Connection, Check Reasons


When choosing your ISP for your business or home, there are many factors to consider. You should choose the fastest and most secure internet service available to you as a business owner to ensure the productivity of your business. Having reliable internet access at home is now more crucial than ever as most of us continue to work from home.

Here are 5 reasons why fiber optic cables are preferable to copper cables

a speed

Fiber internet is much faster than even the fastest copper internet connections, with options ranging from 5Mbps to 1Gbps+. Data shows poor internet connections cost workers a week of productivity every year. While the time you wait for bad internet may seem insignificant, it quickly adds up. Your internet connection will never be an obstacle to your productivity.

b) reliability

Bad weather conditions, which can affect or impede data transmission through copper wire, do not affect fiber optic internet. Fiber optics are often resistant to human or electrical interference until the fiber optics are physically severed. Bad internet connections can cost people money. Any amount of unplanned downtime will completely halt work and communication.

c) High bandwidth

Copper cables have limited bandwidth and were designed for voice transmission. With the same diameter, fiber optic connections offer a higher bandwidth than copper cables and can therefore transmit more data. Singlemode fiber delivers up to twice the multimode fiber throughput within the fiber optic cable family. Individuals and businesses with high data transmission needs can easily consume the entire bandwidth of their internet connection. The fiber optic Internet provided by the company is not limitless, but the available bandwidth is significantly higher and the performance does not decrease even with heavy network traffic.

d) security

Electricity cannot be tapped because it does not radiate signals and is not distributed over fiber optics. Copper can be tapped and powered, which can bring down the entire network. A damaged or broken optical fiber can be found very quickly using a variety of inspection techniques such as B. monitoring the actual power transmission or the transmission of a pilot signal. The only way to connect to fiber optic internet is to physically cut the fibers, causing the signal to disappear. Fiber optic internet is a useful tool to increase your company’s security against cybercrime.

e) Symmetrical speeds

Compared to the uneven speeds of copper connections, fiber optic internet offers equal upload and download times. When submitting content at work, uploading videos and files or making phone calls are more likely than 10 years ago. Symmetric speeds allow users to simultaneously meet high download and upload demands over their data connection.