Find My iPhone app sends people to the wrong house in Texas

I’m a big fan of technology. I love playing with new technologies. I love seeing how new technologies can make our lives easier. New technology is a lot of fun. I also understand the downside of technology in that it can be frustrating for some people. It frustrates me at times. The frustrating part of the tech is what’s happening to iPhone users and a man from Richmond, Texas, as the Find My iPhone app is misleading people to the man’s home.

A flaw in the matrix

Scott Schuster moved into his Richmond home in 2018. Since then, he’s had occasional visitors to his house looking for her iPhone. According to these people, the Find My iPhone app led them to his house. The problem is that her phone or other iPhone accessories are not at his house. There seems to be some kind of bug in the software that sends her to his house at all hours of the day and night.

Fortunately there were no incidents

So far there have been no incidents between Schuster and the people looking for their cell phones. But he worries that something could happen that could endanger him and his two children. He has contacted Apple about the issue multiple times since last year, but has received no response as to why this is happening.

Well, the cops are out, so maybe you should talk to me before they get here. – A person standing on Scott Schuster’s doorstep looking for their Apple product

Schuster himself is a software engineer and has his theories as to why this is happening (ABC 13). Perhaps he could take this theory and present it to Apple to fix the error that occurs. It’s very possible that it’s happening to someone else at home too.

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In the news video below, you can check out the various Ring Doorbell videos of people looking for their phone. Hopefully this situation can be resolved quickly.

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