Flex decisions for week 9

Andy Behrens and Tank Williams go over some flex options to consider in Week 9.

video transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: Alright, it’s time to turn our attention to the flex position in our Built to Serve Picks, brought to you by RAM Trucks. They redefine what a truck can be and does every day with great performance, capability and durability. Each week we select players who display those quality traits that can turn your fantasy lineup into a winning position. Tank, let’s start with skills.

PANZER WILLIAMS: Yes, I thought I was done with my acting career at Russell Wilson. But I think I have to be Aaron Rodgers this week. Aaron Rodgers, here we go. For skills, Romeo, Romeo, where are you Romeo? Are we going against the Detroit Lions? Well, he must be down there somewhere. And he needs to be open because the Detroit Lions give up the fourth most fantasy points to wide receivers. So Romeo Doubs is definitely in the game for me this week.

He flashed against the Buffalo Bills last week, having four catches, 62 yards and a tug. And now he’s getting this golden matchup against the Detroit Lions and what I think is a must for the Green Bay Packers. So make sure you add this man to your lineup because if A-Rod does what I think he will do against these Lions, he should be the main beneficiary – the main beneficiary of this ball.

ANDY BEHRENS: I’ll stick with the same game and discuss my durability choices. And this is Jamaal Williams Jamaal Williams has eight touchdowns this season. And that’s not coincidental either, because we’re talking about a guy who was actually the NFL’s first in terms of carries inside the 5-yard line. He’s seen a dozen of them.

This is how he gets fed up in goal-to-go situations. We like that. He’s averaging a career-high 4 1/2 yards per carry a season. He’s doing great. We know D’Andre Swift is back. But he’s still battered and probably won’t play as many snaps as they’d like him to come out. So Williams, just in a blow-up spot this week.

And Green Bay has been so generous to rushers. They gave up 4.9 yards per carry. They finished 29th against the run. So it’s a great place for Jamaal Williams here. I expect it will finish as a high-end RB2, maybe an RB1. Tank, give me your choice of power.

PANZER WILLIAMS: Yes, you left out the two best things about Jamaal – his last name and his touchdown celebration. I mean, these things are something you can’t do without. But my player I’m aiming for power is Khalil Herbert.

Well, that’s a guy who shares the workload with David Montgomery, but he’s outperformed Montgomery in the last few weeks. it was crazy I’m not sure. Many of you saw him in the Orange Sherbet against the Dallas Cowboys last week. But my husband looked pretty impressive.

And this is one of those situations where they face off against the Miami Dolphins. This is a high-octane attack where, if you’re the opposing team, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep Tyreek the cheetah and Jaylen Waddle off the field. And so I think we’re going to get a heavy dose of these two running backs. And I believe that Khalil Herbert will continue to be productive on this offensive.

Listen, there are a lot of goodbyes teams, a lot of teams aren’t saying goodbyes right now – six to be exact. So I’m pretty sure some of you are in a bit of a bind. You can do a lot worse than Khalil Herbert in your flex this week.

ANDY BEHRENS: That’s a great call. Love it. Get these guys on your rosters and check out the full groundbreaking RAM lineup at ram.com.