Floating chair at Dubai beaches to hand-driven car gadgets; 5 unique devices for people of determination – News

New technologies will help 60 million people with visual, hearing, intellectual disabilities and autism in the Arab world to lead more normal lives

Released: Tue Nov 15, 2022 at 5:44 PM

Last updated: Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 6:30 p.m

Companies from around the world debuted new technologies for people with determination at AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai on Tuesday.

Over 4,500 technologies specially designed for people with determination were on display at the Expo at Dubai World Trade Center, which runs from November 15th to 17th.

New technologies will help 60 million people with visual, hearing, intellectual disabilities and autism in the Arab world to lead more normal lives. Below are five unique technologies showcased at AccessAbilities Expo:

floating chair

Dubai Municipality shows a chair equipped with three hoops that can float on water when the hoops are removed.

Mobichair is very safe and people with determination can use it to swim at the beach. It is currently available at Al Mamzar Park Beach. If you venture out to sea the hoops can be removed and on land the hoops can be re-attached to the chair. It is free for people with disabilities.

Hearing aids working as translators

Headquartered in the US, Starkey has introduced new artificial intelligence hearing aids called Evolv AI, which can be connected to the internet through a phone and also offer translation services when the user is speaking to a person who speaks a different language.

It runs a 55 million calculation per hour to determine the sound and environment around the user, then automatically makes adjustments based on location. It is also equipped with sensors that can count the number of steps people take per day. Most importantly, if the determined person falls, the device sends a message to the family over the phone and shares their location.

Use eyes to play games, surf the internet

UK-based smart company Smartbox has unveiled a new device that can help determined people communicate with others.

Its smart screen can be operated with eyes and the user can surf the internet, use social media, play games, order food online and also answer people at the door when the device is connected to the intercom.

World famous late scientist Stephen Hawking used a similar device to communicate with the world.

The device has six infrared flights, a camera and a sensor for monitoring eye movement.

Free devices for the deaf

The UAE Deaf Association has introduced a range of devices that alert deaf parents when their baby is crying in another room. One device is held closer to the baby and the other device is with the mother/father. As soon as the baby cries, the device will vibrate to alert the parents. It also features devices that can alert parents if a fire breaks out in the home.


Only drive cars with your hands, not your legs

Australian company Gilani Mobility has introduced new driver assistance technologies that allow people with determination to drive their cars with wearable devices. These technologies will completely eliminate the need to use legs to drive the car.

The hand-controlled driving solutions can also be used with Porsche, Toyota, Mercedes and other brands. These devices are available for both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles.