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Florida Divorce Attorney Russell D. Knight (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/can-i-get-an-annulment-in-florida/) publishes a new article explaining whether an annulment is possible in Florida. The attorney mentions that according to the Black’s Law Dictionary, an annulment means an event or judgment that is treated as if it never happened. Marriage annulment makes a marriage disappear as if it never happened.

“Fraud is one of the few reasons for cancellation. Fraud is the willful misrepresentation knowing that the other party will rely on it and obtaining the other party’s consent as a result. Basically, you’re lying about something important to get the other person to marry you,” says the Florida divorce attorney.

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The process for obtaining an annulment in Florida is similar to the process for obtaining a divorce. The spouse applying for annulment must apply to the court and state the reasons for the annulment. The other spouse then has the opportunity to respond to the application. If both parties agree to the cancellation, the process can be relatively quick and straightforward. However, if there is a disagreement, the case can be taken to court, where a judge will decide whether or not the marriage should be annulled.

An important difference between divorce and annulment is the impact on property division and alimony. In a divorce, the court divides the couple’s assets and debts and can award maintenance to one spouse. However, in the event of an annulment, the court will not divide property or award alimony, as the marriage is assumed to have never existed. This means that assets or debts accumulated during the marriage remain with the respective spouse.

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It is also worth noting that an annulment does not affect the legitimacy of children born during the marriage. The court retains jurisdiction over custody and maintenance matters in an annulment case.

Finally, the Florida divorce attorney emphasizes that it’s important to consult an experienced attorney when dealing with matters like a divorce or annulment. An experienced attorney may be able to help clients understand their rights and responsibilities during the divorce or separation process.

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