Flutterewave Launches $end Mobile App, Enables Africans in Diaspora to Swiftly Send Funds Back Home

Nigerian fintech Flutterwave has launched the mobile app $end to help diaspora Africans send money home safely and quickly.

The new app, available for iOS and Android, was launched to support the existing $end web app and enhance the customer experience with improved speed and transparency to ensure funds reach recipients smoothly.

The fintech giant announced Nigeria’s Queen of Track Tobi Amusan as a brand ambassador during the $end app launch, noting that the $end team’s mantra was “Sprint like Tobi, Speed ​​in $end”.

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Regarding Flutterwave’s decision to select Tobi Amusan as $end’s brand ambassador, the company wrote on its website:

Tobi Amusan recently became a household name and an inspiration to African athletes after winning the gold medal in the 100m hurdles at the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

“Tobi is the current African, Commonwealth and World 100m hurdles champion. $end and Tobi have some things in common; Speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and adaptability.

While speed is undoubtedly the most important factor, both $end and Tobi must be able to jump over obstacles with minimal disruption in movement.

“As such, we are delighted to be working with Tobi Amusan, who shares our views and perspectives on what it takes to be successful. That makes it all the more exciting for $end to team up with one of the most resilient athletes of all time.”

Tobi Amusan, world record holder in the 100m hurdles, also commented on his appointment as a $end brand ambassador: “I’m excited to be a big part of a product I already use and love. I travel a lot but also have many of my family members in Nigeria.

“$end has helped me stay in touch with them by accommodating their needs as much as possible. I’m excited to be the face of this product for the African diaspora.”

Flutterwave also introduced Apple Pay, a mobile payment service from Apple Inc. in the US and Europe, which is a key feature of the $end app as a payment method for all users.

Flutterwave joins other African fintechs like Lemonade Finance, Kyshi, Africhange, Wrap up, etc. that enable cross-border transactions.

Here’s how users can send money using the $end app

  1. Sign up with Submit (Android or iOS) (add email address/phone number and create a password). If you already have the Send mobile app installed on your phone,
  2. Sign in to your Send mobile app
  3. Click the Submit Now button.
  4. Enter your transfer details, ie amount, sender’s currency/country and receiver’s currency/country.
  5. Check the transaction
  6. Click send money and voila! The money will be delivered in minutes.