For French Hill

The big question we would have for French Hill: how does he have time to be a US representative? He is everywhere.

You’ll find him in the Vault one minute and Camp Robinson the next. He will travel to Europe for a meeting with allies who will stare at VV Putin, then deliver a speech in Washington on the violence being inflicted on Christians in Africa and the Middle East.

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: We found him one weekend in central Arkansas in a small room where people were putting together relief packages for those suffering in Syria. There were less than a dozen people doing a good job. And not a media camera in sight. What do you say about doing the right thing when no one is looking?

Even those who know the name French Hill may not know that he is a business graduate from Vanderbilt. (Where in the fall on Saturday afternoons football crowds hold up signs like, “Hold it down boys, we’re trying to learn.”) And he went into banking. This is why he is so often chosen by presidents and congressional leaders to keep tabs on economic matters.

He is a member of the House Committee on Financial Services. And the senior Republican on the housing, community development, and insurance subcommittee. He was appointed to the CARES Act Oversight Committee. And if the House of Representatives goes Republican next month, as is preferred, French Hill would have even more leverage.

Before being elected to the House of Representatives (2015), French Hill founded a local bank (!) and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury. Also a senior adviser to President George HW Bush.

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If you notice a pattern here, we’re glad you don’t take it the wrong way. French Hill is an economist, and if Congress is ever to enact policies that tackle inflation, record debt levels, annual deficits, bogus budgets, difficult trade deals, etc., it’s going to need more US officials like French Hill. We like that a moneyman like Congressman Hill is also continuing the tradition of the Golden Fleece Award.

Historically black colleges. religious freedom worldwide. (And not just for his religion.) Oversight of Covid policy. French Hill has become a leader in several VIP areas – Very Important Projects.

And he’s a man of principle and conviction. The best example of this is Google “35 Republicans who voted for the January 6 commission”.

French Hill deserves your vote in the second congressional district. He’s worked hard — and wisely and principledly — for years to earn it.