For International Women’s Day, here are three apps to check out on iPhone

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day and there are a number of apps available on iPhone, Mac and iPad that can help empower women in the best possible way, from their interests to their mental health.

Apps can take up more than just a lunch hour playing a game or a streaming app like Disney Plus — they can help give someone confidence and make them feel involved where they might not feel so elsewhere in the world feels.

As social media becomes increasingly difficult to legitimately give more diverse minorities their say, it’s up to people and developers to empower others in new and unique ways.

With that in mind, here are three apps that show how they can boost confidence and education for people of all ages.


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In a social environment seemingly fueled by divisive news and angry public debate, Wisdom (opens in new tab) is breaking through to offer friendship and inclusion. Finding like-minded people to discuss ideas and support each other, especially in areas where many feel left out. A community like Wisdom is just that.

Thanks to the creator Dayo Akinrinade, Wisdom has already given many women this place to learn and come together. She created the app while working at one of the “Big 4” accounting firms and wanted access to resources and networks that were traditionally unavailable to first-generation immigrants like her. Wisdom was born to help people connect and create a community.

Available on iPhone (opens in new tab), it’s a place for people who have traditionally been coaxed or ignored to converse, learn from each other, and feel included. Features like voice responses add a more personal feel by letting you hear who you’re talking to. When there’s a sea of ​​information all around you that you can’t hold onto, Wisdom is a calm haven that can lift you up and make sure you feel important.

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rebellious girls

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Led by CEO Jes Wolfe, Rebel Girls (opens in new tab) is a platform available on iPhone and iPad (opens in new tab) where young girls can discover a range of inspiring stories about women who are on were successful in any way.

A winner of the 2022 Apple Design Awards (opens in new tab), the app curates books, podcasts and audio stories to nurture the most inspired and confident generation of girls.

While you can purchase these books in hardback, using them on an iOS device unlocks unique features such as: B. Weekly audio releases and audio book versions that can add atmosphere and depth to help young girls imagine these stories in new and different ways.

All of this is well done, and Wolfe said there may be plans to bring Rebel Girls to other mediums like TV shows and movies in the future to tell other girls around the world.

Pilot Fast Lane

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At just 16 years old, Angelina Tsuboi has already released a number of apps (opens in new tab) that you can now use on your Apple device and is a winner of the Apple Swift Student Challenge (opens in new tab). But a new app aims to help give aviation fans better insight and inspiration for a career in the field.

Tsuboi is a licensed pilot and contracted the virus after taking to the skies, but found the path to becoming a pilot to be very difficult, especially for a woman. Pilot Fast Track (opens in new tab) is her way of helping aspiring aviators through an iPhone by enabling aspiring aviators to find tailored flight scholarships, explore aviation opportunities, and discover resources to fund their endeavors and education .

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Using the app is simple but elegant – you can find aviation career scholarships in a few clicks and avoid the bloat that many other education sites offer, e.g. B. Links to courses not related to aviation.

Flight Track is an inspirational app and it would be great to see an iPad app alongside a way to find even more scholarships around the world as it has great potential to reach even more aspiring aviation fans.

Women reaching the top

A note from Tammy Rogers – Staff Writer

These are just a few apps being led and created by women in an industry that has traditionally not been particularly accessible to women – especially BIPOC women and trans women. However, things are getting better as more and more women reach the top of the tech tree, driving innovation and invention along the way.

However, there is still a long way to go and we would like to take a moment on this International Women’s Day to point out that the technology industry is still largely male-dominated. You only have to look at the boards of some of the largest companies to see that.

That’s why it’s so important to celebrate women like Angelina, Jes Wolfe and Dayo who are helping to make things a little more woman-friendly and inspiring the next generation of women and girls to take their place in a career in tech.