For your safety, you should not install these apps on Android Auto

Every day, millions of users use their vehicle to go anywhere, e.g. B. to work, to university or simply to go to the supermarket. Many of the cars have integrated Android Auto as an intelligent driving system, which not only allows you to conveniently answer calls, but also allows you to consult Google Maps and other applications on your phone, although there are some that are better not to be installed.

Mainly because they can endanger your safety behind the wheel since they can distract you from your work and cause a possible accident. In this post, we’re going to review the apps that we recommend not using in Android Auto to reduce the chances of mishaps, so pay close attention.

You should not use these apps on Android Auto

Controlling Android Auto in your car means you have to take your attention off the road as you have to be looking at the screen to interact. Most accidents are caused by distraction while looking at the phone and this case is very similar. While there are vehicles that have buttons on the steering wheel so you don’t have to look away, this is not a common case. Therefore, here we leave you the applications that you should not use for your safety and that of the rest of the passengers.


Android Auto does not allow you to use certain applications for the same reason that is the focus of this publication: security. A clear example is YouTube, since the fact that any type of video is reproduced has a high probability of causing an accident. However, there are apps in the form of APKs for your smartphone that allow you to access them using unofficial programs. There are some that may not affect driving, while others can be dangerous…

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One of the applications that threaten your road safety when using Android Auto AAAD is CarStream. A system that works identically to YouTube and is hidden in all videos on the content platform. We advise you not to use it as it is quite a source of distraction while there are other apps in AAAD that you can use without going through a hard time.

WhatsApp, Telegram…

We receive a large amount of messages from the main messaging apps on Android Auto such as WhatsApp and Telegram. However, they can pose a great danger to us, since the constant notifications that appear on the screen, as well as reacting to a message in any way, can suddenly distract our attention. That is why it is very important to disable the car’s incoming warnings to avoid an accident. When you finish your journey or park your vehicle, this is the perfect moment to react safely.

These are the top apps not to download, install or use with Android Auto as a recommendation. Of course, everyone is free to act as they wish, although by doing so they endanger not only themselves but also others.