Forge Features: March 17, 2023 | gloriole

Season 3: Echoes Within is here and more Forge creations to come. Today we’ve looked at all of the latest creations that have been added to the Featured section of the content browser in Halo Infinite and here on Halo Waypoint, so you can now bookmark them for future use in-game.

Check them all out here and give them a try the next time you go online!

Credits: Nitroo, MythicFritz
Bookmark: Sikarra

The mysteries of this ring surpass the sands of its dunes.

Credits: UneeQ TV, Arpod
Bookmark: Necromancer

Magician. Sorcerer. necromancer.

Prepare to dive into a battle royale experience built from the ground up to take full advantage of Halo Infinite’s sandbox.

Credits: MastermetaleX, Bxmpy Pxpper
Bookmark: Rat’s Nest

Halo 3 Rat or Halo Infinite Rat? Why not both?

Credits: Bigger Pain, Vlad356
Bookmark: Waterworks

While the Forerunners excelled at emulating natural beauty, the machinery in this cave illustrates their true genius.

The island has several structures and installations. One of them contains the map room.

Photo credit: UneeQ TV
Bookmark: Reinforced

The legendary Forged Arena from Halo 3’s MLG playlist has been reborn.

Is this in Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Kusini Bay, Zanzibar Wind Turbine 7 seized and destroyed as part of Spartan training exercises.

Credits: JAKEV10, Bombs away23569, gForce909, knightwolf12630, Rail Warrior349
Bookmark: Lightspeed Halo

I have a need… a need for Speed ​​Halo.

Credits: ImDahUnicorn
Bookmark: Immolate

A vast expanse of infinite possibilities.

Credits: Paimon
Bookmark: Anomaly

A beautiful setting, but it’s starting to deviate from its normal path.

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If VidGamesPete keeps posting great tutorials, I’ll keep featuring them. His latest video shows how you can build an interactive (or hackable) door in Forge. With this tutorial, you can essentially recreate Fragmentation’s loot dens yourself.

You can also bookmark this Forerunner door and a smaller door he posted in his files so you can use them yourself. It’s also worth noting that Pete wears the Oreo coating – so you know he’s real.

That’s enough for this week’s Forge features blog, but keep an eye out here on @Halo for the latest news and community content!