Fortnite on Scratch is the goofiest thing the Internet has to offer

Fortnite on Scratch is one of the strangest yet most entertaining versions of the game yet. Players can jump right into a match like they’ve never played before. It was developed by a user, ScratchMonster75 at the Scratch website, the world’s largest children’s programming community.

The rules are simple and winning is all about playing it right. However, the choice of landing sites is rather limited. Players can choose between Tomato Town and Dusty Divot. Similar to the original game, once they hit the ground they must upgrade and survive to the end.

Welcome to Fortnite on Scratch (Image via Scratch/ScratchMonster75)
Welcome to Fortnite on Scratch (Image via Scratch/ScratchMonster75)

You can do this by acquiring weapons, healing items, and of course, thinning out the competition. While the character may not resemble a familiar face from the actual game, he’s good enough.

Aside from combat, players can also perform the Orange Juice emote and purchase a custom skin for their character. Here’s what the developer has to say about his creation

“Based on the game: Fortnite Battle Royale. I release weekly patches for this game every Saturday that fix bugs and add new items/locations. Things can get really buggy after your first match, automatically giving you a win royale as soon as you land. I tried to create a storm but that didn’t work properly so there is no storm at the moment. However, these corrections can be made later.

Although not everything works as intended, the developer put a lot of time and energy into programming and creating this spin-off of the main game. A total of six updates have been released for this version of Fortnite on Scratch. Unfortunately the project seems to have been abandoned after the v3.0 update.

What do netizens think of Fortnite on Scratch?

Although the game is silly, the general feedback and reception is rather positive. Bugs and glitches aside, it’s really fun and generally a great stress killer.

In addition, rounds in games with only five opponents are quick and easy to complete. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this opinion. A user named flash-lever2 had this to say:

“This game makes no sense.”

Considering it’s a side project done for fun, there’s no point in expecting much either. That being said, winning is not always easy. The AI ​​is aggressive and attacks as fast as possible.

Negative HP and still alive?  (Image via Scratch/ScratchMonster75)
Negative HP and still alive? (Image via Scratch/ScratchMonster75)

Much like the bots from the actual game, these show cunning aim and attack relentlessly. Thanks to glitches, games become more interesting. Here’s what user Hyperkid_2012 had to say about Fortnite on Scratch:

“It was very buggy because I was alive when I died, but other than that I give it a solid 7/10 just for the bug and the keyboard shortcuts.”

With all that said, it’s unclear why the project was abandoned or whether or not the creator will ever return to update the game. With that in mind, even in the current conditions, the game is still playable and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future. Here is the link: Fortnite on Scratch.