Four out of five digital users in India consider Snapchat their fun happy place, Claims Survey

On the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, YouGov, an international Internet-based market research and data analysis company, and Snap Inc. have published the results of their joint study, conducted to assess consumer opinions and the key trends that are making the digital generation happy.
The survey results indicate that 97% of users associate the terms Happy, Fun, Creative, or Trendy with Snapchat. 87% of users consider Snapchat to be the “best” platform when it comes to using creative lenses/filters and sharing special/happy moments with their loved ones compared to other competing platforms. 80% of users prefer Snapchat to celebrate with their loved ones.
AR lenses are Snapchat’s #1 feature aimed at celebrating festivals and special occasions with loved ones. According to the report, there is a lot of user interest in Snapchat’s AR shopping try-on lenses. These try-on lenses add a playful twist to their shopping experience, allowing them to find new and relevant products in a fun and practical way. Additionally, shopping with AR lenses helps with decision making, with 4 in 5 users saying they would be less likely to return clothes if they could try them on first.
Respondents to the survey are said to have been composed equally of men and women in the 18 to 29 age group. Respondents from 17 cities took part in the survey, including Tier 1 cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore, and Tier 2 cities such as Bhopal, Surat, Patna and Kanpur, among others.
Commenting on the collaboration with Snapchat for the survey and latest consumer trends, Deepa Bhatia, General Manager, YouGov India said: “Our survey shows that Snapchat users are more likely to share personal stories and pictures compared to general social media users to share, and also enjoy adding filters and using lenses when it comes to pictures. The use of creative filters and lenses is a standout feature for Snapchat users. But it goes beyond that for users. Many see the platform as a mode to help them connect with their community and celebrate with loved ones.”
Speaking of the survey results, Kanishk Khanna, Director, Media Partnerships for APAC, Snap Inc. said, “At Snapchat, our mission is to improve real relationships with friends, family and the world and empower Snapchatters to live in the moment and together Have fun. It’s wonderful to see Snapchat helping to spread happiness across India by using innovative AR technology for visual messaging.”

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