Free apps for Android & iOS: Get these paid apps for free!

Do you like checking out new apps all the time? Then the gods will smile at you. Like clockwork, every week we have developed a wide range of apps and games for Android phones and iPhones that are free for a limited time only! We’re going to share with you how to get your hands on those valuable downloads without having to spend a single penny.

If you’ve been following NextPit for a while, here in this article you’ll know what to expect: Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can get paid apps for free for a limited time only.

We’ve rounded up these free apps and listed them for you, unlike our top five apps of the week list, we won’t be testing every single temporary free app. So, be a little careful not to end up in a money pit as some apps may still feature microtransactions.

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Tip: Would you like to keep some interesting free apps for the future? Just download it once and uninstall it when you need the space. That way, these now-free apps will continue to be added to and saved in your list of purchased apps, and you’ll be able to download them again for free whenever you need them in the future.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are currently available for free on the Google Play Store

  • folder server ($1.99): This app allows you to select a folder and access it from any device via HTTP. Security is of paramount importance as the app only grants access to the selected folders and sub-directories. Pause/rewind/forward as you know it from your dictaphone.
  • Spirits Wave EVP Scanner ($2.49): There’s something strange going on in the neighborhood, who are you calling? Someone with the Spirits Wave App of course. This app claims to be a powerful all-in-one system for communicating with spirits. Next stop, the asylum!
  • Reminder Pro ($2.99): This is a reminder app that just works as there are no annoying ads to cramp your style. What have you forgotten again? What am I doing here? Hi?

These mobile games are currently available for free on Google Play Store

  • Puzzles Guessing Pro ($1.99): You don’t have to be some insane Batman villain escaped from Arkham Asylum to tickle your brain.
  • release the pharaoh ($0.99): Your goal in this game is very simple: move the different sarcophagi to free the pharaoh!
  • Infinity Highway ($0.99): A car racing game with fancy graphics where you try to live out your fantasies minus the risks of a road accident.
  • Lightbulbs: A Game of Lights ($0.99): Boost your brain power by memorizing the order in which those lightbulbs light up and acting them out.
  • velocity math ($1.49): Here is a game that will make sure you can think fast by solving math equations in the fastest possible time.
  • Defenders of the Empire ($0.99): Do you think you have the strategic acumen to deal with wave after wave of enemy attacks? Try this game to find out!
  • Peppa Pig: Amusement Park ($3.99): The little ones will definitely love this game as they join Peppa Pig in a theme park and enjoy all the attractions that the theme park has to offer.
  • bursting balloons ($1.99): A variation of Candy Crush, this game wants you to relieve stress to pop all the balloons of different colors!
  • cooking kawaii ($0.99): You love to cook? Then this is the perfect game for you without getting greasy! See how quickly you can serve your guests with incoming orders!

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are currently free for iOS

  • Big clock ($0.99): Considering how big the iPhone’s display can get when you pick up the Pro Max version, this app lets you enjoy a nice big alarm clock by your bed.
  • GoTV – M3U IPTV Player ($1.99): GoTV lets you watch live TV channels on your iPhone or iPad. It’s as simple as adding a link to an M3U playlist or pasting it into the app to watch online TV.
  • count down ($1.99): Your iPhone is a powerhouse that can do a lot of calculations, but what about trying to tell the difference between two dates? The countdown app does this in an intuitive and simple way.
  • PDF Max Pro ($9.99): This is the brand new PDF Max app that allows you to enjoy all premium features from the comfort of your smartphone.

These mobile games are currently free for iOS

  • sliding puzzle ($0.99): Select your brain by arranging the tiles in ascending numerical order.
  • Wild Horse Riding Simulator 3D ($9.99): Have you ever wondered how it would feel to tame a horse? With this app this is now possible without running the risk of breaking a bone when dropping.
  • Peppa Pig: Funfair ($3.99): Little ones will definitely love this game as they visit Peppa Pig at a fun fair and enjoy all the rides and games there.
  • Invading Horde ($0.99): Protect your kingdom from invading looters who want to do nothing but plunder and roam violently. Make sure your tower defense skills are up to par!
  • mage craze ($0.99): In a world where dragons once ruled but now sleep in dungeons. Accompanying you, of course, is your wealth, and you need money. Time to face some terrifying lizards and come out rich – and alive!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you’ve found some interesting new apps. If not, we’ll be in touch early next week with more suggestions – and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits! Spotted a paid app on the list? Then we would be happy if you leave us a note in the comments!