Free offline apps that you will love to play on iOS

Are you looking for fun games to play on your iOS device without an internet connection? While it may seem that internet connection is a requirement for mobile gaming, there are many fantastic offline titles available for iPhone and iPad that can keep you entertained for hours.

Whether you want to kill time during a long drive, take a break from the internet, or just look for free options to play offline, there are plenty of variants to choose from. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best free offline games for iOS so you can have a great time no matter where you are or if you have an online connection.

Riverboat Gambler Rating: 4.8/5 Size: 154 MB Released: 2021 Developer: Riverboat Gambler Pros: Achievements, bonuses, 55+ different games, realistic gameplay Cons: Some players don’t like in-app purchases

At the time of writing this gambling application offers an amazing 56 games including American Roulette and more games are in the pipeline. The attention to detail in this app is impressive. You will feel like you are in a real casino.

The app’s creator is a dedicated casino player who visits the casino 3-4 times a week, which means the app was designed and developed with the player’s perspective in mind. Additionally, every game in the app comes with clear instructions and rules for poker hands and related payouts. In addition, the app offers a separate set of achievements to help you build your bankroll.

According to players, practicing with Riverboat Gambler has helped them improve their real money gambling skills. And if you’re lucky, you can try your hand at real money betting on a wide range of titles available at sites like

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Alto’s Adventure Rating: 4.6/5 Size: 234.6 MB Released: 2015 Developer: Snowman, Team Alto Pros: Objective-based system encourages replay, great social sharing gameplay Cons: Difficult to clear the obstacles under certain conditions to recognize

Alto’s Adventure, created by Snowman, is an exquisite mobile game that presents an endless side-scrolling snowboard runner. The game features a character gliding across scenic landscapes from left to right, and the player must tap the screen to jump and perform tricks to move forward. Players must complete more than 180 tasks to advance in the game, including objectives such as traveling a certain distance, rescuing runaway llamas, crossing dangerous gaps, slogging across village rooftops, and outwitting the mountain elders.

Dream League Soccer Rating: 4.2/5 Size: 336.62 Mb Released: 2011 Developer: First Touch Games Pros: Manage and play your team to the top, nice gameplay and graphics, tons of options Cons: In-app Purchases, no comments

If you are a soccer fan, Dream League Soccer should definitely be on your list of the best free soccer games for iOS. This highly interactive game features realistic animated graphics that provide an exciting gaming experience and you can play it offline for free.

The game allows you to build your dream soccer league team with FIFPro™ licensed players and you can customize your stadium to your liking. You start building your team from the ground up and progress through the game.

An interesting feature of the title is ReplayKitLive, which allows you to share your favorite moments with others. You can also save your progress to iCloud, so you can easily switch between devices and play online with other teams if you’re on a data plan.

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Crossy Road Rating: 4.6/5 Size: 45.44 Mb Released: 2014 Developer: Hipster Whale Pros: Great challenges, built-in activity tracking leaderboard Cons: Lack of gameplay clarity, useless sharing feature

In Crossy Road, players control a character and must navigate busy streets while avoiding dangerous obstacles such as cars, trains, and rivers. This deceptively simple game offers a challenging and addictive experience, as even the smallest mistake can mean the end of your character’s life.

One of the best aspects of Crossy Road is the wide variety of playable characters to choose from. With 145 different characters to choose from, including the classic 8-bit chicken, there’s something for everyone.

Subway Surfers Rating: 4.7/5 Size: 176.03 Mb Released: 2012 Developer: SYBO, Kiloo Pros: Smooth gameplay, fun graphics, lots of extras, regular updates Cons: Slot loads sometimes, annoying ads on the opening screen

This title is responsible for popularizing the endless running genre and has since become a fan favorite across all platforms. Although the aim of the game seems simple – avoiding obstacles while running – it is much more exciting in practice.

What makes Subway Surfers even more entertaining is the inclusion of power-ups like Jetpack, Hoverboard, and Super Jump Shoes. The game also features special updates during the festive seasons that include changes to graphics and the introduction of new characters. It’s an exciting option that has something new to offer every time you play.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Rating: 4.7/5 Size: 1.8 GB Released: 2013 Developer: Gameloft Pros: Different game modes, long loading times, excellent multiplayer, great soundtrack Cons: Long loading times, rare lags, inaccurate motion controls

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Asphalt has become synonymous with car racing games. This series popularized the genre on smartphones, and its eight iterations have plenty to offer racing enthusiasts. With 280+ high speed cars, 50+ race tracks, 400+ career events and 1,500 thrilling challenges, the game has proven that car racing games can be innovative and exciting.

Apart from the extensive offers already mentioned, more than 2,000 stickers can be used to personalize your vehicle in Asphalt 8, Airborne. However, it’s worth noting that although the ninth iteration of the game was released, it doesn’t make it into this list because many of its features require an internet connection.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8, Airborne adds to the overall appeal of the game and features an amazing soundtrack that further enhances the immersive gaming experience. It’s interesting to note how music has the power to transform industries, just as Apple did when it introduced the iPod in 2001. You can read about it here.