Free premium apps and games for Android and iOS phones

Have fun and improve your mobile phone’s capabilities with these cool apps or fun games that are paid but now free to download for your mobile phone for a limited time. You save a ton of money on download, and chances are you’ve been interested in one of these for a long time. We show you the most interesting options that are currently available to you and that you don’t have to pay anything to download. Hurry, they’ll get paid again soon!

If you’re short on storage space on your phone, check out how to free up some storage or use a microSD card for these apps and games, because while they’re free for a limited time, if you download them now, you have she always turned on your phone. Discover everything you can find without paying anything.

Free apps and games for your Android phone

If you’re looking for something to entertain yourself with, apps that bring new utility to your phone, or something else, these apps are for you. At the moment they are free, so don’t miss your opportunity to install these apps on your Android phone. In fact there were a few more and they are gone fast, there are only 5 left. Hurry up and get what you’re looking for before it’s paid out again!

cooking kawaii In this cooking game you are a great cook and you face a big challenge. You can play Live or Die: Survival Pro. A fun game in which you’ll have to fight for your survival and face many difficulties. Zombie Age 3: Survival. The Zombie Age saga returns with even more savage zombies, deadly weapons, and unique heroes. You have a mission to accomplish and it won’t be easy. monkey go happy. A fun game with more than 70 fun levels. These are various mini-games to pass the time that will remind you of previous Flash games that you might have had a great time playing. App Lock Pro. Protect your personal and professional life. It supports fingerprint, password or pattern lock. Complement your iPhone with apps and games

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We show you some applications that will increase the possibilities and give more functionality to your mobile phone, as well as several games with which you will have hours of fun without having to pay a single euro. The usual prices range from around a euro to almost 10 euros depending on the app, but now you don’t have to worry about the price anymore as they are available at zero cost for a limited time.

Space Raiders RPG. In this game you are a space raider who must fight against puppeteers who have taken over all intelligent species in the galaxy. HappyTruck. You have to deliver fruits to the market with your truck. There are different levels and 27 unique maps. Although it is a simple game, you will have a lot of fun completing its challenges. Drop Flop!. Test your skills by dropping the ball at the right time because the key is there. Cubesc: Dream of Mira. A fun cube puzzle that will keep you entertained for hours and find hidden ways to wake Kira from his nightmares. RTRO – film camera of moment. The movie camera you’ve always wanted. Capture photos and videos with a very retro perspective. Quick chart. Among other things, you can use it to create graphics quickly and easily.