Free2Play is a very good system for developers and players

Free2Play or Freemium are games that are basically free with no ability to spend any money. These can be purely cosmetic or virtual items that give the player a boost. Is it better known as Pay2Win? My opinion on Pay2Win is quickly eaten. That’s not a problem, but it’s really difficult for people with a lot of money. Well, we all know that Pay2Win is absolutely bad.

Unfortunately, the Free2Play games with purely cosmetic purchase content are something else entirely. Basically, this system doesn’t exist for players and why should it? I’m a fool to buy nice skin if anyone sees it. To be honest, this logical conclusion doesn’t stand up to reality. In Assassin’s Creed, despite the single player focus, I still use real money to travel around the virtual world.

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This is especially the case because this isn’t Free2Play, but I’ve already invested money so I can never go through the game. Also with Assassin’s Creed there is no cosmetics and products to buy there.

It’s not Pay2Win in the strict sense, but I’m completely free. But the immersion that is important in atmospheric games like Assassin’s Creed is permanently disturbed.

Cheers to the single players who don’t use these tools. However, since publishers like Ubisoft use monetization mechanisms, there are enough grateful buyers who pay for the poor PR and buyers who drop out that such a decision entails.

Players prefer to be involved in a microtransaction.

The official statistics for the games association show that in-game purchases are taking up an ever-increasing share of video games in Germany. In 2021 it will be 80 percent of total sales. rising trend.

The number of sales for actual game purchases is declining. In any case, Germans prefer to play free games and then spend money on virtual items instead of investing in a decent game. The industry has also worked hard to ensure that players behave in this way. What features has the publisher already promised us? And then you sit down in front of the computer with a long face because everything is different than claimed. With ever-increasing inflation and the cost of high-end games, it’s no wonder games are selling less well.

Free2Play: The Best Platform for Developers and Gamers (PDF): Source: Game Association.

But before anyone raises their finger and criticizes the free mentality among gamers: Of course, gamers are willing to spend money, just got tired of buying a pig in a poke. Several resourceful publishers have recognized this and proved that good games don’t have to cost money and are still worthwhile for the developers. Epic Games has mastered this system completely. Fortnite is now a role model for many games when it comes to monetization and marketing.

So-called crossovers introduce characters from other pop culture universes such as Indiana Jones or Spider-Man. These can be purchased through microtransactions. The whole thing is so lucrative that even real celebrities are involved in the campaign, such as Ariana Grande.

It’s impossible to explain why there isn’t more than this concept in any other game. Like For Honor is doing a crossover with Dead by Daylight over Halloween. Meanwhile, Blizzard also tends to implement crossovers with Overwatch 2. At least that’s how it is, said Jon Spector, who, as a self-confessed anime fan, is excited about Naruto’s appearance in Fortnite and does so.

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