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How has the Newton College of +2 Science journey been so far?

During my ISc/ (intermediate) I spent my time tutoring alongside my studies. I developed a talent for teaching as I went through class after class. After a long 30 years of teaching experience and driven by the urge to teach came the establishment of a different kind of institution. Since Newton College was founded in 2007, the Institute has sponsored a number of deserving and bright students. As the College’s founder, I am proud of the role it has played in shaping those minds.

How do you feel about the National Education Policy (NEP)?

The NEP has touched all aspects of education. We hope that it will change the education sector of tomorrow and make it qualitatively superior. We expect that the implementation of the directive will be a welcome step at all levels. As an educator, I welcome the NEP and take its new ways of teaching as a challenge.

How do you see your opponents in this competitive environment?

Competition and competitors are omnipresent. But it is the institute’s task to face up to the competition. We never count anyone as an opponent. Rather, it has been our policy to do things differently and work hard to bring laurels to the Institute by maintaining faith in God and our endeavors.

What contrast do you see between online and offline forms of education?

The medium does not matter as long as the quality of the education is optimal. But the greater distance between teachers and students has its downsides. Although the same subjects are taught in both mediums, the physical presence in the classroom is more effective as it comes with the direct supervision of the educator. It also makes the student disciplined, which doesn’t happen online.

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What do you think is the reason behind the growing interest of students and guardians in the +2 college education?

Post-secondary education, a student’s +2 performance, is of great importance in the long run. Even the guardians who have high hopes for their children place a high value on +2 education. Unlike state colleges, private colleges devote twice as much time and effort to students, all in a specific field. Similarly, our teachers stay in constant contact with the students 18-20 hours a day and give additional lessons. This definitely helps improve the performances to a great extent and bring name and fame to the institute and the Guardians.

What you do in your free time?

We carry with us the great responsibility for the future of the students and the hopes and expectations of the parents. So it’s normal that I spend most of my time teaching at the institute. We have to play the double role of teacher and guardian for the students of the boarding school. So leisure is a luxury. Nevertheless, whenever I have a little free time, I spend it with books, learning and researching pedagogy and the current education system.