Fujitsu launches “Data e-TRUST” as a new service function for “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (CaaS) in Japan to accelerate secure data exchange across industries : Fujitsu Global

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, October 17, 2022

Fujitsu today announced the launch of “Fujitsu Computing as a Service Data e-TRUST” (hereinafter “Data e-TRUST”) as a new service function for “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (hereinafter CaaS). (1)Fujitsu’s service portfolio that makes advanced computing technologies easily available to everyone.

Fujitsu supplied Data e-TRUST in a pre-launch offer to Nagase & Co., Ltd. on October 13. (hereinafter Nagase) (2) driving the digital transformation (DX) in the chemical industry. General availability of the new feature for the Japanese market will begin at the end of fiscal year 2022. A rollout of the services to the global market is planned in the future.

Data e-TRUST adds Fujitsu’s IDentitY eXchange (IDYX). (3) and Chain Data Lineage (CDL) (4) Technologies for secure data exchange and use trust Fujitsu CaaS and offer advanced data security with three main features: a secure, on-demand and distributed data exchange mechanism; electronic credentials such as digital identity and electronic seals (5); and a flexible, scalable ledger that extends the blockchain to ensure the authenticity and security of data exchanges between different systems and services.

In this way, Data e-TRUST supports the authentication of all personal and company-related information in digital transactions and the secure and free exchange of data.

Fujitsu intends to provide the newly developed Data e-Trust service function to various customers aiming to create new services through the exchange and use of data between companies and individual users. In this way, Fujitsu will continue to contribute to the realization of a more convenient data-driven society by supporting the creation of a secure digital ecosystem as part of its vision for “Hybrid IT” to realize a digital infrastructure for a connected society, a focus area of ​​Fujitsu Uvance, Fujitsu’s portfolio of global solutions for a sustainable world.


Realizing a connected digital world that transcends individuals, businesses and industries is a key issue in today’s digital society. The realization of digital trust for the reliable connection and the secure exchange and use of data is becoming increasingly important.

To accomplish this task, Fujitsu Data developed e-TRUST to ensure the trust of the data exchanged between individual users and companies by managing the authenticity and security related to the exchange and use of digital data.

About the newly developed service

As part of Fujitsu’s CaaS portfolio, Data e-TRUST offers customers a set of APIs that enable secure and reliable data exchange and consumption between different services as well as between individual users and companies. Leveraging Fujitsu’s proprietary IDYX and CDL technologies, Data e-TRUST enables tamper-proof data trail management, including proving the origin, ownership and authenticity of data. By granting trust for all online transactions involving data such as electronic documents and digital content, Fujitsu’s Data e-TRUST helps customers solve business and societal problems and ultimately contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.

Features of Fujitsu’s Data e-TRUST

1. Trustworthy data exchange & use:

  • data items to be linked are controlled between confidential distributed DBs of individual users/enterprises; On-demand distributed data linking between individual users and companies is realized through the exchange of personal information after obtaining the user’s consent
  • Individual users and companies can manage their own diverse data and share it across multiple companies and services, giving them fine-grained control over where it’s distributed and privacy, improving data ownership and governance for information disclosure

2. Digital ID cards:

  • Fujitsu’s IDYX technology, a solution that guarantees that the data to be used is correct and not forged, enables the issuance and use of various electronic credentials for digital information and ensures the authenticity of the information exchanged in digital transactions
  • Supporting a variety of authentication scenarios that require verification of digital information (improving authentication processes by verifying a person’s identity and personal credentials, information about a company’s performance, providing one-stop services such as contract procedures through connected customer information, copyright and property management of electronic documents and digital content, etc.)

3. Digital Evidence:

  • Fujitsu’s CDL technology enables individual users and organizations to manage transactions and proof of activity in a tamper-proof manner by extending the blockchain and enabling flexible, scalable and centralized management of transaction histories across individual users and organizations
  • Technology that offers various digital transaction histories to demonstrate the integrity of various business activities and social contributions (i.e. accurate visibility of supply and value chains by linking carbon footprint data and consumer behavior with carbon emissions data)

oldFigure: Figures showing the functions and use of the Data e-TRUST service

Customers can use these Data e-TRUST functions in combination with a large number of other service functions. Fujitsu is thus expanding the ecosystem for the cross-sector exchange and use of a wide variety of data and supports customers in reforming business processes and founding new companies.

Use case: Provision of Fujitsu Data e-TRUST to Nagase

Fujitsu started offering Data e-TRUST in October 2022 in a limited pre-launch for Nagase, which is actively driving the digital transformation in the chemical industry. Nagase will apply the new service function to its sales management system “DocuValue”. (6) to offer a new cloud service that solves tasks of the chemical industry related to the distribution management of complex chemical documents in the supply chain.

In the future, Fujitsu will further expand the functions of Data e-TRUST and further increase the value of Nagase’s services and contribute to the growth of Nagase’s DX and business as a business partner.

Commentary by Natsuki Imamura, General Manager, ICT Planning Division, NAGASE & CO., LTD.:

“We designed DocuValue as a service that can be used by many companies in the chemical industry as a platform to help improve productivity and promote responsible care across the industry. For this reason, we have adopted Fujitsu’s “Data e-TRUST” trust service, as it enables us to handle confidential data with care. We have protected data with Data e-Trust so not even Nagase Information Development, Ltd. (7)the operator of DocuValue has access to information about the sales channels of contracting companies. As a result, many companies can now use our service with confidence. I think Data e-TRUST is a very innovative service as it allows us to secure data distribution without having to develop an advanced system ourselves. “

future plans

In the future, Fujitsu will offer the newly developed service function to customers from a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, retail and medical care, and work with various customers to create new services through the exchange and consumption of data between companies and individual users cross-industry. Fujitsu also plans to combine its Data e-TRUST service with advanced computing technologies such as its supercomputing technology (HPC), its quantum-inspired digital annealer and quantum computing technology, and AI technologies to accelerate innovation, inspire trust in society, and make the world more sustainable.

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Date: October 17, 2022

City: Tokyo, Japan

Company: Fujitsu Limited