International startup launches full-stack metaverse platform for large-scale deployment
– 1 Verse is the first to connect virtual and real car trading via mobile, AR and VR-enabled functions in combination with last-mile logistics
– Plans for cross-regional expansion in 2023

NEW YORK, October 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 1Verse and Tyremarket.com have launched the world’s first fully integrated Metaverse-based car dealership through a subsidiary leveraging 1Verse’s groundbreaking Metaverse platform for the real world. Reifenmarkt.com is of India largest automotive spare parts and tire portal in India. This alliance will consistently sell two- and three-wheel electric vehicles India. Two-wheelers are the most common means of transportation in Germany India and South East Asia.

Suhas Kundapoor, Founder of 1Verse, noted, “By providing EV consumers with access to Metaverse sales in places where real-world shopping is limited, 1Verse is accelerating the key path to zero-carbon EV transportation for much of the world.”

1Verse’s immersive Metaverse-real world fusion model enables shopping access at local Metaverse kiosks as well as access across multiple computer and mobile screens. Tyremarket.com offers sales expertise, local EV distribution, technology enhancements and access to tens of millions of existing customers through a newly formed subsidiary India. 1Verse and its partners currently have over 12,000 physical locations in cities around the world India, which will enable millions of consumers to directly access multiple EV brands, thereby joining the international race to reduce emissions and electrify transport. This sales presence is expected to grow rapidly.

“1Verse offers the ability to create Metaverse EV storefronts where brick-and-mortar retail infrastructure is limited,” 1Verse Founder Prashanth Joshua said. “Rather than driving 50 miles or more to an EV dealership, people can access a physical location close to them where they can view, customize, and even test drive the EV they want to buy.”

Once initial sales targets are met India1Verse intends to replicate this business model in other Asian/Global markets.

“Hundreds of millions of consumers in Asia (India and SEA) and Africa rely on lighter vehicles, mainly two- and three-wheelers, for personal and commercial transportation,” noted Kundapoor. “This is the most important market to achieve a transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles.”

1Verse is equipping its dealer network with virtual reality headsets that allow them to act as a Metaverse virtual dealer network for EV two-wheelers, providing customers with immersive interactive experiences typically seen in physical dealerships. Customers can tour the two-wheelers, learn more about the two-wheelers from knowledgeable vendors located in one central location, and schedule test drives to provide EV manufacturers with qualified curated leads and access to consumers much more than they’ve had from customers would have to walk into a physical dealership alone.

“EVs are just one way, but a socially critical way for 1Verse to expand consumer choice Asia‘ Joshua remarked. “Large populations spread across many mid-sized urban areas that lack extensive physical stores are creating a strong need for virtual but trusted shopping for many items, particularly large consumer devices such as electric vehicles. “

1Verse solves this unmet need where users reside in locations underserved by the sales and distribution networks of major manufacturers. Limitations in choice, access, and trusted sales and support will hamper EV penetration—and 1Verse offers a solution.

1Verse is preparing the world for the EV transition by leveraging its unique Metaverse virtual dealer network, the first to enable virtual sales and trusted, high-touch transactions Indiathen near Asia markets.

About 1verse:

1Verse is the first to bring meta-world and real-world shopping seamlessly and at scale through an immersive metaverse experience. 1Verse is located in the US and India. One of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world with plans for global expansion. The 1Verse platform will target a $50+ billion market for sophisticated products in emerging markets, revolutionizing the way products are experienced and purchased. 1Verse fulfills customer sales through its full-stack meta-platform, which includes logistics partner 1Bridge, which has extensive last-mile expertise. The newly integrated 1Verse launches with a significant annual revenue rate, physical supply chain, and distribution network Indiawith constant presence India serving over 10,000 cities and over 5 million homes. It has conducted over 50 million commercial transactions, enabling local entrepreneurs and businesses to meet the needs and desires of their customers. 1 Verse plans to expand internationally in 2023.

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