Future of makeup 2025 WGSN report spotlights post-pandemic creativity, beauty tech and metaverse

By 2028, the global makeup category would reach €51.61 billion ($50.28 billion), up from €36.13 billion ($35.22 billion) in 2021 and with, according to Fortune Business Insights at a CAGR of 5.2% (2021-2028). And WGSN said that despite rising concerns about the cost of living around the world, consumers clearly still have a strong appetite for makeup.

So what makeup trends are emerging? And where exactly were the opportunities for the industry?

Post-pandemic beauty behavior is changing

“The makeup category has been energized by a surge of post-pandemic creativity and a desire to do things differently.”said Sharon Ahn, beauty trends forecaster and analyst at WGSN.

Writing in the latest report from WGSN Intelligence: the future of makeup in 2025Ahn said: “As we move into 2025, existing beauty norms and behaviors will continue to be challenged, and cosmetics brands will need to leverage creativity, experimentation and technology to thrive.”

Beauty Behavior, she said, had “permanently changed”Since COVID-19, the industry has had to adapt products and strategies to meet new consumer priorities. “Product safety and minimalist, skin-friendly make-up will move up the hierarchy alongside integrative design and sustainability.”she said. WGSN has previously highlighted the importance of color cosmetics in the broader skinimalism trend.

Ahn said that color cosmetics consumers are also increasingly looking to immersive virtual experiences in the metaverse and in-store to unlock important opportunities for the industry – a concept reflected in previous Mintel insights.