Game Development Perspectives: What to Expect in the Future

People love to play games. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s also about psychology. Thus, the gambling industry has prospects, and there are constant trends in its development. Therefore, a good game development studio must follow and implement all modern tendencies in its work in order to be successful. Let’s talk about which 2022-2023 trends are relevant and which ones to choose for your future gaming projects.

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Main trends in game development in 2022 and 2023

We analyzed some trending ideas coming to the gaming market in 2022. We also asked Stepico professionals to share their thoughts on the future of the industry and their expectations. Here are 5 main trends to watch out for.

1. Mobile Gaming

Since most people have smartphones and tablets and prefer to use them in non-stop mode, it is crucial for game development to accept this fact and create games that are at least mobile-adaptable. If your apps are cross-platform and well-designed to provide the best user experience when playing on mobile devices, it will bring great benefit to your product. It is not uncommon for a developer to offer both desktop and mobile game versions as this helps spread awareness of a game and increase its popularity.

2. Use of cloud-based technologies

Gone are the days when a game required a lot of free space on your PC and a powerful device to play. The expansion of cloud technologies makes games for special needs more affordable.

3. Adding AR and VR

Both augmented reality technologies and virtual reality tools are now on the top list. They help make the game as immersive and visually attractive as possible. For gamers, games that incorporate these technologies are more interesting and engaging. So if you have a VR/AR designer and developer on your team, don’t miss the opportunity to jump on this trend!

4. Streaming platforms only tend to grow

There is a prediction that it will become the most popular platform in 2025. Therefore, developing games compatible with streaming platforms is one of the most beneficial decisions for game development studios.

5. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies

These are not only on everyone’s lips in the financial sector. Games with blockchain technologies and implemented crypto payments are trending these days. Also, they enable the implementation of effective monetization, which is why many clients apply for the services of a game art outsourcing studio.

What features show the prospects of a game development project?

When you decide to develop a game, it’s important to prove that it’s going to explode. To ensure this, you can evaluate the following characteristics:

  • Use the results of market research to decide whether your project is gaining popularity and whether it is trending.
  • Analyze competitors and their recent projects. Which of them successfully boosted?
  • Decide how to monetize the project. Will there be paid options or will you monetize it in some other way?
  • Get services from real professionals!

Tips for choosing a game development studio

And the last point shows us that the choice of a contractor to take on the task is crucial. Who to Hire for Trending and Profitable Game Development? There are several criteria to consider.

1. View the selected studio’s portfolio. Each studio has its main directions of work according to game genres, technologies and animation types. So if the company has done projects in the genres and styles you want to create your game in, it bodes well.

2. Decide on the budget. Prices can fluctuate and it will be disappointing when you hire a company whose services cost an arm and a leg and are more than you can afford.

3. Look at customer reviews of a company. This is one of the most relevant sources of information to choose the provider.

When you need to develop a game for your business goals, industry trends as well as the choice of outsourcing game development studio are the most important things to consider. Keep this in mind to create a successful game project. A well-chosen game art outsourcing company is the first step to an epic game. We are Stepico and we are a trusted game art studio with extensive experience creating eye-catching art and an extensive portfolio that proves our value. Contact us now to get a taste of our exceptional game art services!