Gamers, check out these cryptocurrencies! RobotEra, Decentraland, Big Eyes Coin

ANI | Updated: March 13, 2023 3:21 PM IST

New Delhi [India], March 13 (ANI/ATK): While the gaming and crypto worlds have been clashing for quite some time, the results of this merger have been mixed, to say the least. Play-to-earn darlings like Axie Infinity are going through tough times, and Ubisoft has quietly shut down its NFT division after receiving backlash. That being said, many believe the GameFi sector has a bright future.

The volume of venture investments in Web3 and Metaverse gaming was 7.6 billion in 2022. Analysts predict that the global blockchain gaming market will grow to $65.7 billion by 2027. In this article, we will discuss three cryptocurrencies that might turn gamers’ heads in the crypto world.
RobotEra is a new metaverse experience where players become robots on a mission to restore the once picturesque landscape of planet Taro – a land ravaged by war. Inspired by the environment creation mechanics in Minecraft, players can sculpt landscapes and build in-game items. As expected for a blockchain game, RobotEra is playable. You can earn tokens by trading NFTs, mining, and managing land. The metaverse aspect, the implementation of NFTs and the focus on worldbuilding have made RobotEra an attractive project for investors. So far, the game has raised nearly $1 million and sold nearly 50 million tokens.
Try Decentraland for another unique virtual reality experience. Decentraland (MANA) allows players to buy land, monetize it, and buy houses in the metaverse. The virtual world started its closed beta in 2019 and officially opened in February 2020. With 300,000 monthly users, the platform is growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing down. Interestingly, Decentraland uses two tokens: LAND and MANA. MANA tokens can be used to purchase names, avatars, wearables, and lots from LAND. LAND is an NFT used to track land holding parcels. Right now, Decentraland price is $0.5096 and ranks 44th on CoinMarketCap.

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Big eye coin

This coin is a bit different than the two above. It’s not a video game or a virtual reality experience; It’s more of a meme token that markets itself to gamers. Big Eyes Coin is the new kitty themed meme coin. Judging by the insane pre-sale, BIG is on its way to greatness.
So far, this cool cat has raised $31.33 million and made a splash in the crypto and Web3 world. Its adorable aesthetic, a loot box system, a strong commitment to protecting the world’s oceans, and an NFT club called Sushi Crew will surely appeal to many people, especially gamers. Big Eyes Coin recently introduced a vault pin. If you enter PIN 819 on the website, you will receive a free loot box with every BIG purchase over $100.
Will blockchain gaming ever be accepted by ordinary people? Well, lifelong gamer Elizabeth Hare has an answer. “With emerging and controversial technology, gaming companies need to clearly demonstrate the benefits of that technology or implement it in an attractive or essentially invisible way. There needs to be a change in the way NFTs and Web3 concepts are conveyed to gamers, the Web3 parts should be hidden in the product.” In other words, crypto games should advertise first as games and then as blockchain projects, if any.

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