Garmin Vivomove Trend also readies for release, spotted at the FCC

Following the leak earlier this year, the first official mention of Garmin Vivomove Trends appears on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

Just a few days ago, Instinct Crossover was leaked on Garmin’s own website. This is a hybrid watch, the first in the Instinct range. It comes with traditional analog hands on a high-resolution smartwatch display. The device’s name was leaked earlier this year along with Vivomove Trend. Both were mentioned in a local Garmin dealer listing that we stumbled across by accident.

And while much is known about Instinct Crossover (aka Instinct Analog), Vivomove Trend hasn’t been mentioned so far. That changed with an FCC listing a few days ago.

The application runs under the nickname IPH-04224 and the name “Watch and Activity Monitor”. However, as first discovered by GoAndroid if you browse through the various documentation, one of the references specifically mentions “Garmin Vivomove Trend”.

An oversight, no doubt, it’s confirmation that we’ll be getting another hybrid in the near future along with Instinct Crossover. Now only an official confirmation is missing. And maybe a trader leak or two before that happens. We will definitely pay attention to that.

Garmin Vivomove trend

The FCC filing indicates that the Vivomove Trend will have both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, but no WiFi. There is an 87mAh battery on board and a 0.57m USB cable for charging. This will be another circular watch, just like most of Garmin’s watches.

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The Vivomove range consists of a number of hybrid devices. These include vivomove Luxe, vivomove Style and vivomove sport. You can also see some older parts of the line, such as B. vivomove HR, on certain retail websites.

Nobody can be sure about the design of vivomove trend at the moment. The naming convention suggests this is a stylish watch, perhaps something designed exclusively for women. We’ll know soon enough. Expect the watch to launch in the coming weeks.

There is one remnant device that was mentioned in the dealer list earlier this year that has yet to see the light of day. It goes by the Garmin Austin name. Exactly what that is remains a mystery. It is listed among outdoor watches along with the Instinct, Fenix ​​​​and Epix series.

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