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CHICAGO & BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 16 October 2022–

At the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Annual Meeting, GE Healthcare is proud to introduce the Omni Legend i, the first system on its all-new, all-digital PET/CT platform. This state-of-the-art system features a brand new category of digital BGO (dBGO) detector material with a small crystal size that offers more than twice the sensitivity of previous digital scanners ii and enables shorter overall scan times iii and impressive detectability of small lesions iv . It is designed to improve operational efficiencies, improve patient experience and increase diagnostic power, ideally helping to enable improved patient outcomes.

In addition, the system’s theranostics capabilities and ability to image short-lived tracers, as well as dynamic protocols, help equip clinicians with more clinical information about more oncology, cardiology, and neurology procedure types than ever before.

“Sensitivity and image quality are everything in PET/CT,” explains John Kennedy, Ph.D., Chief Physicist, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Rambam Health Care Campus, and Associate Professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology vii. “Omni Legend does both – it meets all of our image quality criteria for oncology and offers impressive sensitivity to high count tracers for cardiac and neuro imaging, helping to better inform patient diagnosis and monitoring. In addition, thanks to the system’s fast overall scan times, we were able to increase patient throughput by more than a third – even 35 patient scans in a 9.5-hour shift – and reduced the dose by 40% compared to the previously installed devices. This not only allows for better patient access and experience, but also allows us to increase the overall efficiency of the hospital viii.”

As the pace of change in healthcare continues to increase, health insurance leaders cite managing costs and increasing operational efficiencies as the top two challenges facing them today ix. This is consistent with comments from global Molecular Imaging departments citing operational efficiency as the top impediment to growing PET/CT procedure volumes x.

Omni Legend is GE Healthcare’s answer to these growing challenges, helping healthcare systems overcome today’s barriers with a collection of intuitive workflow solutions enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), including its new Precision DL i solution for Deep -Learning image processing also in PET/CT like its AI-based Auto Positioning Camera.

“Having access to high-quality images to determine patient care is fundamental to managing quality healthcare,” adds Prof. Zohar Keidar, Director of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT at Rambam and Associate Clinical Professor at the Technion School of Medicine vii, add . “With this in mind, a department like ours – which has a very heavy workload – needs a system that allows flexibility for emergencies on top of our already busy schedules. Omni Legend offers this flexibility. Within a few weeks/months we were able to increase our number of scans by 150 percent – from 30 to 45 patient scans per day. We used to have a long waiting list; but today, when something is urgent, we can quickly scan a patient while we keep our other scheduled appointments viii. And the system’s clinical protocols give us additional flexibility by allowing us to screen patients on any scanner, regardless of which system the patients were previously scanned on – opening up new opportunities for us in fleet management.”

More than just a new processing technique, Precision DL i was developed using deep learning with a sophisticated deep neural network trained on thousands of images created using various reconstruction methods. It was designed to provide the image quality benefits most commonly associated with hardware-based time-of-flight, such as: B. Better contrast-to-noise ratio, contrast restoration and quantitative accuracy.

Omni Legend’s capabilities are further enhanced with the inclusion of Q.Clear (BSREM), GE Healthcare’s breakthrough PET image reconstruction technology, and MotionFree, the company’s proven device-free respiratory motion correction technology. Q.Clear helps ensure reliable quantification, while MotionFree works seamlessly in the background to correct respiratory motion artifacts for all patient types.

In addition, the new system’s operational efficiency solutions help improve PET/CT imaging for both the technician and patient with convenient features that provide:

  • A fast data quality assurance process that saves time through optimized calibration;
  • Simplified protocol selection on the gantry touchscreen and a new user interface to enable an easy PET/CT process from start to finish; and
  • Enhanced patient positioning capabilities as a result of AI-based auto-positioning that automatically centers the patient to allow for completely hands-free positioning.

This streamlined patient setup frees technicians to focus on making patients more comfortable. Omni Legend also features ambient LED lighting to promote a calming mood, as well as a graphical pattern for the patient to see on the system to both relieve stress and reduce movement in nervous patients.

“We built our scalable Omni platform from the ground up to meet the needs of our customers and their patients today and in the future,” said Jean-Luc Procaccini, President & CEO, Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography, GE Healthcare. “With the patient in mind, we have leveraged our long-standing technology leadership and strong clinical collaboration to enhance the scanning experience with entirely new components designed to help improve clinical outcomes. The result is a fully digital detector, a state-of-the-art deep learning solution, and workflow improvements to enable more personalized care.”

Engineered with theranostics in mind, Omni Legend enables physicians to achieve new levels of sensitivity and detectability for incredibly clear images. The system already has the highest sensitivity per cm on the market, imaging Gallium 68 for diagnosis, staging or re-staging.

Future-ready capabilities include a multi-directional, expandable platform that can potentially expand in each of the core dimensions of PET/CT imaging, including axial field of view, digital detector technology, software, CT capabilities, and imaging of new tracers.

For more information on GE Healthcare’s new Omni PET/CT platform and Omni Legend system, visit

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i Omni Legend and Precision DL are CE marked. Omni Legend is US FDA 510(k) cleared. Precision DL is 510(k) pending with the US FDA. Not available in the US.

ii Omni Legend 32cm has up to a 2.2x increase in system sensitivity compared to Discovery MI 25cm. Measurement follows NEMA NU 2-2018.

iii Up to 53% reduction in PET scan time on Omni Legend 32cm compared to Discovery MI 25cm as proven in phantom testing.

iv Omni Legend 32 cm increases detectability of small lesions by an average of 16% and up to 20% compared to Discovery MI 25 cm with matched scan time/injected dose, as shown in phantom testing with a model observer with 4mm lesions; Average of different reconstruction methods.

v Omni Legend can map the diagnostic part of theranostics

vi Short-lived tracers such as rubidium-82 used in cardiac PET scans. Dynamic protocols such as Whole Body Dynamic Acquisition require the Dynamic IQ processing application. Dynamic IQ is CE marked. It is 510(k) pendant with the US FDA. Not cleared or approved by the US FDA. Not for sale in the US.

vii Not a GEHC consultant: The statements made by GE customers described herein are based on their own opinions and on results obtained in the customer’s unique environment. As there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ hospital and many variables such as hospital size, case mix etc., there is no guarantee that other clients will achieve the same results.

viii GE Healthcare does not warrant or guarantee these results. The ability to achieve such results depends on factors specific to each client.

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