Gearing up Bruins Forward with a never-before-seen feature is spreading across the internet

The Boston Bruins have had a phenomenal season in the NHL so far. The team is on a ten-game winning streak after beating the New York Rangers 4-2 at TD Garden. Tyler Bertuzzi, an NHL player recently acquired by the Detroit Red Wings, has caused a stir online for an oddity involving his hockey stick.

Boston Bruins rookie Tyler Bertuzzi played his first game against the New York Rangers tonight. The NHL superstar seemed excited even though his previous club wasn’t in the Stanley Cup qualifying pool. But now that the Bruins are enjoying such a great NHL season, Bertuzzi’s outlook has changed dramatically and he’s even considering a run at the Stanley Cup. Images of Bertuzzi using an untaped hockey stick have recently gone viral.

Is it actually important that players have tape on their hockey sticks?


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Many ice hockey players prepare for a game by taping their hockey sticks in specific patterns. Hockey tape protects the blade, butt or shaft from damage and improves grip by providing a small edge on the ice. Bonding the blade prevents it from wearing out, gives the player a stronger grip on the racquet shaft and allows them to adjust the button size to their hand. To prevent the puck from sliding uncontrollably, hockey tape can be wrapped over the blade to prevent moisture and ice build-up.

In addition to the Tyler update reported by the Bruins Insider, several Bruins supporters took notice of this particular piece of gear on various social media platforms. Even media star Michael Hurley tweeted about it, calling it “The Hockey Stick That Destroyed the Internet”. No one has ever seen a hockey player use a stick without tape as it greatly improves stick handling. But it seems Tyler Bertuzzi has other intentions with it.

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about 1 month ago

NHL star’s rationale for this

The newest member of the Boston Bruins, Tyler Bertuzzi, made his debut in tonight’s game. The NHL player seemed elated as he assisted Charlie Coyle in scoring the first goal of the game. Keeping their ice phobia alive, the Bruins dominated the Rangers and won 4-2. Later after the game, Bertuzzi was asked why he didn’t tape his racquet and he gave a straight answer.


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According to a tweet by NHL writer Matt Porter, who mentioned Bertuzzi’s statement, which reads, “I’m lazy. About the thin wrapping of the ‘USA’ tape. Got my green card. I love America.”


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