Geekbench 6 comes with more “real life” tests

Geekbench is getting its latest major overhaul, with Geekbench 6 available today for iOS, macOS, and other platforms.

Geekbench 6 is the benchmarking app’s latest major update and the first major change since the release of Geekbench 5 in 2019. What’s new?

A big focus in Geekbench 6 seems to be keeping up with modern hardware and using tests that better reflect today’s workloads. With that in mind, there are some new tests in this latest version of Geekbench. These tests include “Background Blur” (as used in video calls), “Photo Filters” from social media apps, “Object Detection” for AI, and new tests for tagging metadata on photos and for word processing. Geekbench also notes that many existing tests have been updated to better reflect modern workloads.

This new version of Geekbench also changes the app’s performance and rating, with tests now consistently making better use of the GPU.

Many new software features and performance improvements come to us through the
modern magic of machine learning, and these tasks don’t just tax your CPU. Geekbench
6 has been updated to make better use of your GPU for these workflows. New frames
and abstraction layers for our benchmark also mean more accurate cross-platform comparisons
for these measurements across device types and environments, with support for more ML
Acceleration instructions as well as more consistent GPU performance across platforms.

The multi-core scores have also been updated, with the new scale measuring how cores share the workload in “real life” scenarios. This should also provide more accurate and comparable results when dealing with CPU architectures that mix “big” and “small” cores.

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We’ve also overhauled the way our multi-core benchmarking results work. Instead of adding
the performance of each core together, so benchmarks scale linearly with a larger core
count, our tests measure how cores actually share workloads in real-world workload samples.

Meanwhile, Geekbench 6 on Android adopts Google’s Material You design language for app-wide theming based on a user’s wallpaper.

Another change that comes with this latest version of Geekbench concerns pricing. All “non-commercial” use of Geekbench is now free, while the “Pro” version is discounted by 20% to celebrate this new update. This license now also unlocks command line automation, offline results management, and a standalone version.

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