Gen Z social media company Yubo is partnering with AFNOR to launch a coalition effort to protect minors online

PARIS, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yubo, the Gen Z live social discovery platform, has partnered with Association Française de Normalization (AFNOR) to launch a coalition effort across the public and private sectors to to identify unified standards for mitigating online problems and underage security risks. The coalition, made up of public and private sector organizations, will design and publish a reference document on moderation and prevention techniques to protect minors on social networks.

Yubo held an event at its Paris headquarters on March 21 to launch collaboration with AFNOR, a Paris-based standards organization and affiliate for France at the International Organization for Standardization. The event brought together heads of government, NGOs and leading technology companies and start-ups, with keynote speeches by representatives from Yubo, Meta, CNIL (French data protection authority) and ARCOM (French audiovisual and digital communications regulator).

In view of the complex online risks – e.g. B. related to inappropriate content, violence, abuse and harassment – it is crucial for online social platforms to prioritize user safety and implement dedicated tools and protocols to combat these issues. Together, AFNOR and Yubo are leading the development of a reference document aimed at empowering stakeholders in government, non-profit organizations and the private sector to identify and better implement risk mitigation techniques, tools and policies at both policy and operational levels.

“The goal is to build a toolbox useful for all businesses by establishing working groups, each focused on three distinct topics: user trust, content detection and moderation, and prevention and awareness,” said Sharone Franco, Yubo Head of Legal and public politics.

The coalition, formed to enable and encourage information sharing between social media platforms, aims to encourage proactive development and innovation in online safety with the primary objective of protecting minors.

“We see a need to harmonize these efforts for the benefit of the younger online population,” said Samuel Comblez, E-Enfance’s director of operations. “We have worked closely with Yubo for a number of years, due to their volunteer approach and constant desire to protect their users by leveraging the expertise of our association and others like us. It’s a partnership we value very much because of Yubo’s commitment to work quickly and efficiently.”

Clotilde Briend, Meta’s Public Policy Manager in France, also stressed in her keynote speech the importance of industry collaboration and the fact that “all the players are sitting around one table”, including device manufacturers, telecom operators and platforms.

“We believe that in order to have truly applicable and ready-to-use solutions for protecting young people online in France, we must follow certain principles: harmony between the public and private sectors, a combination of product design and technical solutions and a understanding of how to work with parents,” said Briend.

The reference document produced as a result of the partnership will be further developed over several working group meetings and is expected to be published before the end of the year.

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The Association Française de Normalization (AFNOR) is a standardization organization based in Paris and member organization for France at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), serving the general interest and sustainable development. The AFNOR Group has 1,217 employees at 38 locations worldwide and 63,000 customers. Since 1926, the company has been developing solutions based on voluntary standards, sources of progress and trust. Visit to learn more.

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