General Logistics Systems collects bill of lading data in the cabin

GLS will make DDC Sync optical character recognition (OCR) mobile technology available to all drivers for instant capturing of bill of lading (BOL) data in the truck’s cab.

Having instant shipping data with DDC Sync allows us to make better scheduling decisions, often resulting in hours being saved from our scheduled shipping.

General Logistics Systems (GLS), a leading global shipping company, announced today at the SMC3 2023 Jump Start conference that it has made DDC Sync mobile Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology available to all drivers for the instant capture of bill of lading (BOL) data Will provide cabin of the truck. The intuitive data collection system is provided by DDC FPO, a global leader in front and back office outsourcing services for the transportation and logistics industry.

“Instant shipment data with DDC Sync allows us to make better upfront scheduling decisions, often resulting in hours shaving off our scheduled service,” said Joe Bartone, COO of GLS-US. “We are constantly looking for innovative solutions so that we can offer our customers the highest quality service. Capturing BOL information with DDC Sync the moment it is in the hands of drivers is a clear example of an innovative tool that is good not only for us but also for our customers.”

Unlike other BOL data capture products that simply take a picture of the bill of lading which then needs to be scanned or manually keyed in for recording, DDC Sync is a native Android app that instantly transfers the data to the carrier’s terminal. Because GLS enables better route, load and labor decision-making with DDC Sync, GLS no longer has to wait for the driver to arrive at the destination to receive important shipment information. In addition, real-time visibility in DDC Sync equips carriers with streamlined logistics planning capabilities while accelerating claims processing.

In addition to providing intelligent, mobile OCR for cargo data, DDC Sync can be used to:

● Direct driver-to-terminal communication

● Driver incident logging

● GPS tracking for more efficient routing and forecasting

● Real-time visibility and instant notifications

● BOL inventory management for timely payment authorizations

● Secure corporate news feeds

● Gamification and rewards programs

“Our carrier partners asked us to create a product that would solve their BOL image quality issues, instantly view shipment data, and communicate with their drivers to provide their customers with the best-in-class transportation service,” said Chad Crotty, vice president of sales at DDC FPO. “DDC Sync is the resulting product and we’re delighted that an innovative leader and partner like GLS recognizes its benefits.”

About GLS

GLS is a global shipping company offering high quality parcels, freight and truckloads to customers in 41 countries. Services include Priority, Ground and Freight Delivery. The GLS network consists of 71 central and regional transhipment points and around 1,500 depots, which are supported by around 31,000 last-mile delivery vehicles and 4,000 long-distance trucks.


DDC FPO (Freight Process Outsourcing) is a strategic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner for many of today’s leading transportation and logistics providers. As a freight-focused member company of the DDC Group – a global network of BPO companies – DDC FPO has offices and customers throughout North America, the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific with services offered in over 30 languages. Solutions include data-driven, goal-oriented front and back office programs that include freight accounting, customer service, back office and mobile, intuitive OCR data capture. DDC FPO has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years. To learn more visit:

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