Generative AI Platform Writer Launches 3 Business Models – High-Performance Computing News Analysis

San Francisco – February 13, 2023 – Writer, an enterprise generative AI platform, today launches three new proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) designed for enterprise-ready generative AI. Palmyra Small (128M), Palmyra Base (5B), and Palmyra Large (20B) are the only LLMs in production that have been trained with a set of data curated specifically for enterprise AI use cases.

Palmyra Small and Base LLMs are available as a free download on Hugging Face. Writer’s enterprise customers have all powered their generations with Palmyra Large through the Writer platform, and Writer’s enterprise customers can now also integrate Generative AI capabilities directly into their products and scale their experience with Writer through Writer’s new API for Palmyra Large and improve.

“Writer was built from the ground up to bring AI into enterprise. It all starts with our proprietary model, where customers own their inputs, training data and results,” said May Habib, CEO of Writer. “No business leader wants their data to be fodder for someone else’s startup model, including ours. We offer customers all the benefits of the AI ​​application layer without the risks of other AI applications and commercial models. Business leaders want to invest in solutions that essentially give them their own LLM.”

Writer provides the following:

Security and privacy: Writer is an enterprise-ready Generative AI with the highest security and privacy features. Unlike other AI products, the company’s own data, from internal communications to marketing on a website, is only used for the company’s own benefit. And when a company builds generative AI capabilities into its own application, its customers’ data is protected from data leakage in open-source or third-party models. The data used to fine-tune a model or train a template does not go into Writer’s or anyone else’s models or templates. Writer is the only LLM company to be both Soc-2 Type II and HIPAA certified.

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Personalized Results: Not only is Palmyra the only LLM trained primarily in business copy and marketing data, clients can further refine with their own data, branding and style guidelines. Writer is also the only generative AI platform that can ingest text, video, PDF, and audio, and perform live web crawls to generate, reuse, research, analyze, and transform data for new contexts. Writer also fact-checks the output.

Embedded AI in workflows: Writer helps teams educate teams on AI best practices and assists customers in embedding AI directly into a team’s workflows. It’s the only platform with both an API and an ecosystem of extensions that expose AI directly to 100+ third-party applications.

Time and Cost Savings: Palmyra Small and Base are provided free to customers and allow users to perform specific tasks with a good set of sample data. They are inexpensive to run and host, making them a much better option than using OpenAI. Affordable options for enterprise organizations, the Palmyra Large LLM and API are effective for both zero-shot and favorite-shot use cases. The cost is $0.01/1,000 tokens (half the cost of DaVinci-003) with unlimited tweaking for enterprise customers. Enterprise organizations have selected Palmyra Large over other commercial models for its higher quality, lower latency, and affordability for large-scale use cases.

Additionally, anyone can use the Writer API to integrate enterprise-class generative AI content directly into their own applications and workflows. The API provides access to the Palmyra LLMs and can be fine-tuned with company data, taking into account everything from brand voice to word and character length to fact checking. It also ensures the security of a company’s user and employee data. Proprietary data, from internal communications to marketing on a website, is not used to train the base model.

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“Every organization needs to figure out their generative AI strategy,” says Habib. “By making our smaller LLMs accessible to everyone and opening the API to our largest generative model, we give companies access to the best LLM, built specifically for their needs.”

“We used Writer’s API to integrate the output of our Writer AI apps and build our own applications and workflows. We try to integrate AI into everything we do. The benefits of an early strategic shift to embedding AI across our organization is helping us solve real business problems and boost our creative energy,” said Ranjan Roy, VP of strategy at Adore Me, a division of Victoria’s Secret.

“As a starting point for ready-to-use LLMs, we are pleased to host Palmyra Small and Base. Writer’s LLMs are the most current and safest models for introducing machine learning into enterprises – and Hugging Face is the go-to place for developers to bring AI into their organizations,” said Clément Delangue, co-founder and CEO of Hugging Face.