GenH2 launches mobile hydrogen liquefaction system

Hydrogen infrastructure company GenH2 has launched the LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System, an end-to-end liquefaction and storage system. The mobile liquefaction unit provides a space-optimized, fully integrated liquid hydrogen solution that can be used in a range of applications from transportation to power generation to accelerated use of liquid hydrogen through pilot projects and testing.

It is also used as a laboratory environment for testing material, insulation, thermodynamic properties and use cases for their applications.


With a mission to provide lightweight liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions, GenH2 has developed the LS20 with the ability to produce small amounts of liquid hydrogen to give access to more hydrogen researchers and hydrogen industry players.

The LS20 can produce between two and 20 kg of liquid hydrogen per day to provide liquid hydrogen ready for use when and where it is needed. 20 kg of liquid hydrogen contains almost 2400 megajoules of energy and can easily be stored and used in GenH2’s ultra-light utility tank systems.

The LS20 is the smallest mobile liquid hydrogen unit currently available on the market that is self-powered and can be powered independently from a portable generator or plugged into a building’s power source. This makes the LS20 suitable for fuel delivery to multi-role drones and emergency power supply for first responders.

Additionally, the LS20 units are manufacturable to keep up with increasing demand for hydrogen and allow for faster infrastructure build-out and roll-out.

The LS20 is designed for areas where relatively compact systems are required to enable hydrogen supply. As a complete system, the LS20 can liquefy, store and dispense liquid hydrogen from any gaseous hydrogen source such as a storage tank or an electrolyser. This compact, flexible system offers users the ability to provide liquid hydrogen when and where it is needed. The main features of the LS20 technology are:

  • Convenient and safe production of liquid hydrogen on demand between 2 and 20 kg per day;

  • DOT-approved liquid hydrogen storage tank with 400 liter capacity and zero-boil-off storage function;

  • Fully automated control and monitoring system for the production/storage of liquid hydrogen;

  • Lossless liquid-to-liquid transfer system with hydrogen gas recovery bag;

  • Removable liquid hydrogen storage tank for separate transport of liquid hydrogen;

  • Innovative vacuum encapsulated quick connect sockets;

  • Ultra-light liquid hydrogen tanks for hydrogen mobility such as cars, drones, UAVs, trucks, etc.;

  • Hydrogen Detection Sensor, Oxygen Monitor, IR Hydrogen Flame Detectors; and

  • Multiple pressure relief devices and advanced emergency venting system.

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The LS20 also serves as the basis for higher capacity GenH2 systems, including 100kg LH2 per day and 1000 kg LH2 per day solutions.