George Clooney, Amal Clooney Drive Their Friends To Madness? Lawyer Claims Husband Teaches Their Son To Be A Prankster

George Clooney and Amal Clooney just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. The power couple opened up about their relationship, marriage and what’s inside them that is driving their friends crazy.

George Clooney says he and his wife Amal have never had a fight

The Clooneys celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on Tuesday. They showed up on Wednesday CBS morningwhere they reflected on their relationship.

That Ocean’s Eleven The actor shared that he and his lawyer wife don’t argue.

“It starts with love,” George told Gayle King, Entertainment Tonight reported. “That’s sort of the whole secret behind it. It was just easy. Like the easiest thing we’ve done in our lives so far. We’ve never had a fight.”

“It’s madness for some of our friends,” Amal interjected.

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The human rights lawyer agreed with her husband that they do not fight. She also explained that finding the “right person” is probably a big factor. The couple has only kind words when it comes to each other.

“I think meeting the right person is 99 percent luck,” Amal said. “And I think the only thing we would take is not to be cynical, just be open, and I was surprised that you weren’t cynical or reticent at all and things just moved really quickly.”

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George Clooney teaches his son to be a prankster; Couple revisits first meeting

George and Amal talk about how they met each other and their family in the same interview. They even shared how they felt when they first met.

“It was just, the moment she walked in the door, I was just caught up in her,” the Oscar-winner said of his wife. “And the funny part was, I didn’t know if she would like me or any of those things. And then she’s this extraordinarily funny, intelligent, beautiful, gorgeous woman and I just really fell in love with her and I started writing her letters.”

Amal was just as happy as Clooney that they had met. She admitted she didn’t expect them to share a “wonderful family” together.

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“I met him and I was like, ‘I’m so glad there’s someone like him in the world,'” she said. “I never thought I would spend the rest of my life with him or that we would have this wonderful family. It surprised me.”

Speaking of family, the celebrity couple are now parents to twins, 5, Alexander and Ella. According to the human rights lawyer, her son is a prankster like his father.

“Our son is a big prankster now,” Amal said, before turning to George and adding, “And you basically taught him those lessons, and he’s pranking his father now.”

George added that her son’s favorite superhero was someone he has played in the past – Batman. The actor shared he told Alexander, “You know I was Batman?” The toddler reportedly replied, “Yes, but no more.”

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