Get started with Bing Chat on mobile

If you’ve already tried the new Bing integration with ChatGPT on the web or the integration with Microsoft Edge, now is the time to try it on your Android or iPhone device.

The experience available through mobile devices is not very different from what is already available. The only difference is that you need to download and install the official Microsoft Bing app. You can’t use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even the (mobile) Edge browser to access the new chatbot (at least not at the time of writing).

Once you install the app, you can ask complex questions in natural language as if you were speaking to another person, and you can even interact with chat using voice.

This guide (opens in new tab) will walk you through the steps to start using the new Bing Chat on your mobile phone.

How to use chat on mobile

Before you can interact with the new Bing Chat, you need to install the app on your phone, as you cannot access the chatbot with any other browser.

Install the Microsoft Bing app

Follow the steps below to install the Microsoft Bing app on Android:

Open the Google Play Store. Search for Microsoft Bing (opens in a new tab) and click on the app. Click the Install button. Click on the “Open” button. Click the Get Started button.

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I’ll focus on Android in this guide, but the app installation process will be similar on iOS devices (opens in new tab).

Use chat on mobile

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Follow these steps to use Bing Chat on your phone:

Open the Microsoft Bing app. Click the Bing button (blue) on the toolbar below. Click the keyboard icon to interact with the chatbot by typing. (The default option is to use voice.) Quick note: you must use the Microsoft account with access to the new Bing. If you can access the chatbot but are not logged in, click the “Login and Join” button. In the Set Answer Tone section, select Balanced. Quick Note: The default option provides the optional tone for the reply. However, you can choose “Creative” to give the chatbot more freedom for original answers, or “Precise” to get more specific answers. Compose your question in the “Ask me something” box and click the “Send” button to receive an answer.

(Image credit: Future) Quick note: It may take a while for the chatbot to generate a response. You can click on the “stop answering” button at any time to cancel the query. Also remember that you can ask questions as if you were speaking to another person. Example: “I’m going to Chicago in December. Which places should I visit?” Compose related questions to refine the answer, knowing that the chat will understand the context (if necessary). In the response, you can click and hold the underlined and quoted content to learn more about the information source. You can click the link at any time to open the webpage with the answer source data. You will also notice that in the upper right corner you will find options to share or copy the answer. Click the New Topic (broom) icon next to the search box to end a chat session and start a new one.

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(Image credit: Future) Quick note: Ending a session prevents the chatbot from being confused with the previous topic. Also, since the chat experience is in preview, you have a limited number of queries per session. At the time of writing, you can use 15 queries per session and up to 150 sessions per day.

Once you complete the steps, you can repeat the instructions to get answers on a different topic. You can also click the microphone icon to ask the question by voice instead of typing it.