Girl shocked to find portrait she painted as a child for sale at ‘five towns over’ antiques market

What started as a casual trip to a thrift store ended with a TikToker reuniting with an old painting of hers — one she didn’t even know was for sale.

Nicole Dominguez (@mynamemeansvictory) was visiting an antique warehouse “on a whim” five towns away when she saw a well-known work of art.

“POV: You visit an antique warehouse five cities down on a whim and the first thing you see is the portrait of your mother you took when you were 5 years old, sold for $48.00 as ‘Amateur ‘Watercolor’ was sold,” her video reads.

In the clip, a confused Nicole walks towards the camera while holding her portrait. She looks around in disbelief. Luckily, she reveals, the seller let her keep it for free.

The video, which has racked up more than 588,900 views and 95,200 likes, has commentators alike stunned at how this seemingly sentimental work of art ended up for sale in an entirely different city.

“Mom has to explain something,” wrote @ab_reedbooks.

“How did it get there?!” said @livefreeortour.

“MOTHER!!!! How did that leave her house?” asked @_biglittlebaby_.

Nicole posted a separate video titled “STORYTIME” to clarify the situation.

“The first thing I saw was the portrait of my mother that I took when I was five. I immediately FaceTimed my mother who was shocked that it was being sold and she instructed me to buy it back at all costs and to ask where they got it from,” she explains.

Nicole notes that she and her mother recently moved. Some of her items, she says, were “left in old furniture and others just put into storage.”

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The warehouse owners contacted the seller, who claims she doesn’t know where she got it from.

“She said she couldn’t get the back of it off because it came already in a frame… I told them if they opened the back they would see the date, name and age I wrote it.” , when I painted it Mama on the back.”

Nicole then comes to her mother’s defense.

“We are very, very happy that she is home.”

“Those who say my mom gave it away don’t know my mom,” she laughs, noting that her mom only owns one piece of childhood art from Nicole and her sister.

The story goes on

“Due to the limited space in our new house, she packed it up and had to decide to put it away. And there she thought, although later she looked for it.”

“We still have no idea how this piece ended up in a thrift store, but we’re very, very happy that it’s home,” concludes Nicole.

Commenters question the vendor’s honesty.

“I’m suspicious because the seller “doesn’t know” where she got it from. You should be sure nothing else is missing from the warehouse!” wrote @raiseusfromperdition.

“Did someone accidentally buy your storage unit? As if they should open that next to it and get confused?” wondered @lucky405421.

“The seller probably acquired it somehow and tried to pass it off as real art and was too embarrassed to admit it so they just said TAKE IT,” commented @andtheniaappeared.

Regardless of how it happened, we’re just glad Nicole finally has her childhood artwork back!

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