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SEOUL, KOREA, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global pre-register for DK Mobile’s third series, “Genesis,” is heating up. The developer, Ntrance Corp., which takes pre-orders, said that the number of pre-orders for DK Mobile: Genesis has exceeded its estimate by 50% for a week. It’s been almost a month since DK Mobile: The Origin, the second series launched in August, topped the Android market for about two weeks after its debut. Pre-registration for DK Mobile: Genesis, a global MMORPG version in web version 3 loaded with P2E components, started on the 22nd of last month. “There was great concern because it was the first challenge in the P2E industry,” Ntrance said, “but soon after opening the application, global users started registering for reservations, and we’re rediscovering the excitement of the world’s DK fans.”

The industry sees the unique P2E aspect of DK Mobile: Genesis as groundbreaking. This game offers a variety of strengths. First, the barrier to entry for new users is minimal. The design of this game as a seasonal system allows all users to start the season under the same conditions and compete on an equal footing. In addition, the game can be played for free without the need for in-app purchases, which reduces the burden on users. On the other hand, unlike the existing P2E, which focuses on mining, various content such as PVE, P2E, and new dungeons will be provided so that users can focus on “playing”. Users who want to level up faster can opt for staking to get various rare items, and the end-of-season liquidation system is another unique point.

Due to the higher than expected pre-registration fever of DK Mobile: Genesis, web3 gaming platform “ITSBLOC” has also started further development to cater to big users. By July 2022, ITSBLOC had completed stability testing for concurrent access by 1 million users worldwide.

In addition to system stability, preparations for revitalizing the platform ecosystem are intensifying. The $7.5 million global investment round for the construction of the Web3 gaming platform project was successfully completed in early September. On the 19th of last month, ITSB, a governance token, completed its listing on global cryptocurrency exchange and has since signed a collaboration with Ozys, a full-stack blockchain company, to add a liquidity pool from Meshswap. In addition, the recently concluded partnership with Polygon Studios is intended to expand competence in the area of ​​Web3 gaming.

ITSBLOC, recently listed ITSB on and MEXC (10/4), said it plans to list more top-tier global exchanges starting in October to expand the ecosystem of global platform users. ITSBLOC also expressed excitement about the addition of the ITSBLOC platform for the Web 3 dedicated MMORPG to be released at the end of the year, stating, “ITSBLOC users will encounter an MMORPG masterpiece that has been greatly improved with graphics quality and gameplay aspects outperform DK Mobile: Genesis.”

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