GoAds.com and founder Nicholas Kohlschreiber discuss the connection between social media and modern technology

SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2023 / Successful advertising and marketing has become increasingly complex since mobile devices and social media entered our lives. Recent advances in technology have simplified many of the tasks associated with running a successful advertising campaign. But there’s a challenge the pros face: reaching consumers across all their devices while respecting their preferences. Today’s most successful marketers combine a passion for meaningful, insightful content with an understanding of technology. One company with such expertise is California-based Go Ads, founded by Nicholas Kohlschreiber, a staunch believer in marrying marketing and technology. As GoAds.com experts note, it has taken less than a decade for technology to revolutionize the industry, and there are no signs that the transformation is slowing down.

A few years ago, to answer the question of how exactly technology was changing the marketing landscape, Fortune organized a breakfast roundtable that brought together retail executives for its Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado. In a lively discussion marked by differing opinions, participants identified four radical changes that technology has brought about in marketing. The roundtable participants spent a lot of time on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI). With the deluge of data organizations must deal with, an understanding of AI has become essential, with Lucas ranking AI as the second biggest challenge after complexity. Last but not least, the social media explosion has changed the role of marketing executives. Her mission now goes beyond driving sales to include creating brand enthusiasts, as explained by Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas. According to Thomas, modern industry leaders must push for digital transformation so their organization can harness the power of technology to inspire and engage.

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The advent of technology in marketing has opened incredible opportunities for companies like GoAds.com, which specializes in advertising and technology solutions that help its clients increase customer acquisition. Go Ads founder Nicholas Kohlschreiber quickly realized that social media was pushing the industry in a new direction and focused on developing solutions that enable advertisers to improve their web presence, generate quality traffic and engagement to promote. In 2015, the company released the beta version of its Hashtag Ads platform, built on the novel idea of ​​bringing advertisers and social media influencers together to deliver impactful campaigns.

About Go Ads:

Based in California, Go Ads is an internet marketing company specializing in the organic dissemination of new businesses through creative marketing solutions. The company was founded by Nicholas Kohlschreiber, an originality and innovation enthusiast who started his career driving traffic for corner shops for their local SEO while leaving school on a soccer scholarship. Kohlschreiber has grown his company to 800 employees in three different countries and tens of thousands of customers, while trying to strengthen the links with the modern communication platforms, including multimedia online business development.

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