Goan film ‘Carlo’ wins big

November 20, 2022 | 04:43 AM IST

Goan film Carlo wins big

Producer and director of the Konkani short film Carlo, Father Leslie Bosco Rego, is delighted that the simple life story of Blessed Carlo Acutis has won two awards at the Global Taj International Film Festival (GTIFF) in Agra
Goan film Carlo wins big

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Carlo Acutis, a Catholic Italian teenager, seemed to have a special love for God from a young age, although his parents were not particularly devout. He was also a programmer and built a website cataloging and promoting Eucharistic miracles. He was known for defending children who were being bullied. Carlo was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. He was beatified on October 10, 2020. He is the patron saint of youth and computer programmers. Fr. Leslie Bosco Rego produced and directed a Konkani short film “Carlo”. “It gives me great joy and honor to bring out a short film based on the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis, a saint of our time, indeed a computer and internet gem. He showed us a modern way of proclaiming Christ. The journey of this short film has not been easy. In the end, however, it was smooth sailing. I thank God that he is with us all the time, only because of his heavenly blessings at least we were able to do something for him by showing a child who loved him more than anything in this modern world. Made especially for today’s youth and kids, the film shows how to use modern gadgets without becoming obsessed with them. Carlo is a perfect role model for them as he has shown how to use the internet and modern devices wisely,” says Father Leslie Bosco Rego. The 36-minute Konkani film was submitted to the first festival in October this year for the Global Taj International Film Festival (GTIFF) in Agra. It was shortlisted from over 100 entries from ten countries, including 21 films from India itself. He won two awards at the festival, Best Short Film Award and Best Line Producer for Sandeep Kotecha. “It is a great honor for our film ‘Carlo’. It was an exciting experience to receive the awards,” said Father Leslie, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Shiroda. The film’s cast and crew includes Dadadiraj Shirodar (Editor and Videographer), Sandeep Kotecha (Line Producer), Jose Pereira who arranged, recorded and mastered the music, Nilesh Keni (Videographer), P. Benjamin Victoria, Elvis Mascarenhas and Cayden D’Souza, Jose Pereira and Patricia D’Mello and Noywen sang songs in the film and Sairah (makeup). The star of the film is Sanroy D’Souza from Merces. “This is the first film I’ve worked in and I felt very comfortable with the role as Fr. Leslie led me into what he expected. Filming began before the pandemic and some footage was completed after lockdown. Since Father Leslie was stationed at the Merces Church, many Merces youth and elders have helped with the shooting. We enjoyed the experience,” says Sanroy, a BCom graduate from SS Dempo College, Altinho, Panjim. “I’m very proud of the film we made. It’s a powerful and moving story of a young teenager that needed to be told. I want to thank the cast and crew for their tireless work to bring this story to life. I hope this film inspires young people to stand up for good moral values. We all have a responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone and I hope this film will help people see that,” says Father Leslie, who has previously directed devotional films such as Bhavartachi Yatra (Journey of Faith). produced and filmed. in Konkani, ‘Mhojexim Yeyat’ (Come to me) in Konkani, ‘Treasure shattered!’ in English “Tumi Mhoje Govai!” (You are my witness) in Konkani.