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One thing you can never have enough of is opportunity, and that’s exactly what Mississippi-based Goodwill Industries will provide with the opening of its newest location right in the heart of Greenville.

The former Office Depot location, Greenville Career Center, retail store and donation center is located at 1662 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd S. and will officially open to the public on Thursday, February 23, 2022.

The shop opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Goodwill Industries of Mississippi anticipates that this addition to the Delta region will bring Goodwill’s missionary services, including job training, virtual reality career exploration, virtual reality job interviews, digital skills courses and a nationally recognized customer service certification class.

According to the Goodwill Industries of Mississippi press release, this special location is designed to provide a inclusive and supportive environment for individuals seeking vocational training or employment.

“The retail store will sell a variety of gently used clothing, household items and furniture, with proceeds from sales supporting Goodwill Missionary Services. In addition to donated merchandise, Goodwill will also have new merchandise for sale including socks, reading glasses and seasonal items.

“We are excited to bring Goodwill’s services to the Mississippi Delta and to be part of the community’s effort to support individuals seeking career development and employment,” said Brad Steffani, CEO of Goodwill Industries of Mississippi. “We believe the Greenville location will provide valuable resources and support to the local community, and we look forward to serving the residents of the Delta and surrounding areas.”

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Roy Johns, Vice President of Marketing and Donated Goods Retail for Goodwill of Mississippi, reiterated the anticipation for the opening of its newest location, especially given some of the challenges it has faced.

Goodwill of Mississippi had hoped to open the store three months before February 23, but key stakeholders are, as always, excited about the venture.

Johns pointed out that Goodwill’s identity is not just that of a retail store or for-profit organization.

“Everything we do in the communities we serve has the people we serve at the forefront. So we have a variety of training opportunities for people we employ and also for the community we serve,” he emphasized. “This includes lots of training to prepare people to return to work and improve their skills so they can take advantage of better opportunities.”

Johns and others are particularly excited about high-tech training tools like virtual reality training for job interviews because it will make a big difference for those trying to break into the workforce.

Johns said of the virtual career training, “It allows that person to explore a variety of technical jobs ranging from culinary (to industrial) so that they can work in a kitchen in an atmosphere surrounded by virtual reality and learn to prepare different types of sauces and how to prepare different types of food.”

According to Johns, the scope of virtual reality simulations, which make it possible to get a feeling for a certain working atmosphere, is quite wide.

“That gives that person a better understanding of where their passion lies, and then we arm them with what can be done or what we can do to support them in their journey,” he said, referencing that Offered National Customer Service Certification at Greenville location.

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Whether it’s providing tuition for its employees or providing employment assistance to those with criminal records, Goodwill’s mission to help people with disabilities and other barriers to find employment will support the Mississippi Delta community support security.

About the goodwill of Mississippi

Since its inception in 1957, Goodwill of Mississippi has been committed to providing people with disabilities and other disabilities with meaningful opportunities to find employment to reach their full potential. The social enterprise missionary services have helped thousands of people in Mississippi build better lives for themselves and their families through education and employment.