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Google Gboard, the keyboard app for Android users, is likely to get a new artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-image feature that will allow users to create images based on text.

The search engine giant has been working on the feature for the past year, but it was only available in internal testing. This time around, it looks like the tech juggernaut is preparing to release it publicly via its keyboard app Gboard.

Google is expected to offer more AI-powered features across its portfolio given the popularity of ChatGPT and Bing taking the world by storm.

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According to a report by The Verge, Google has been working on its text-to-image AI since early last year after a similar tool, OpenAI’s DALL-E program, which also brought us ChatGPT, surfaced.

Last year, when the search giant’s text-to-image AI was tested internally, Google boasted that it performed much better than DALL-E. The tech company announced that its AI tool, aptly named Imagen, is producing more accurate and coherent photos

Back then, however, Google only showed AI-generated images that emerged during its internal testing. While it sure looks pretty amazing, it has yet to be used in real life.

But it could soon get a glimpse of the limelight in its first public rollout, the latest Gboard beta notes.

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9to5 Google notes in its message that a new potential AI feature has suddenly appeared under the Gboard for Android. It seems that the search giant is now preparing to dish out its text-to-image generator Imagen to mobile users.

The latest Gboard for Android beta update mentions an “Imagen Keyboard” reference, suggesting that the AI ​​text-to-image tool could be coming soon.

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This is how the AI ​​text-to-image feature works

Google’s AI text-to-image tool allows its users to simply enter text to generate images instantly.

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The Imagen keyboard tool will likely stand alongside providing shortcuts, including features like the clipboard and one-handed mode, according to Android Authority.

9to5 Google suggests the AI ​​tool could work like emojis and stickers. It could probably provide expressive images to its users.

It’s worth noting that the AI ​​feature is still under development. Details on the potential text-to-image generator on Google Gboard for Android therefore remain sparse.

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