Google Maps on Android prepares planned EV charging stops

Google Maps for Android will soon make it easier to plan long journeys with your electric vehicle and offer planned charging stops along your route.

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In 2021, when Android Automotive was just getting off the ground, the Google Maps app has adopted the ability to plan ahead for where to stop and charge during a longer drive for this in-car experience. This made perfect sense for Android Automotive, which originally (albeit coincidentally) was only available in electric vehicles.

Of course, not all EVs run Android Automotive, so vehicle owners have to use alternative (often built-in) navigation apps to find conveniently placed charging stations. Meanwhile, the Google Maps app on Android phones doesn’t currently offer a way to plan a route using charging stations, although last year Maps added a way to specify your car’s engine type to choose the greenest route.

With Google Maps version 11.65 we find new signs for automatic route planning based on EV charging stations coming to the Android mobile app, eliminating the use of Android Automotive.

When you get there, your battery will be low

Loading stop required to reach destination

Driving too long to add charging stops automatically. Add stops after you start.

No Internet. Loading stops cannot be loaded.

There are not enough compatible charging stations to reach your destination

Presumably, the user interface will look similar to that available today in Android Automotive EVs, only scaled down for use on phones.

It’s not yet clear how the mobile version of Google Maps can calculate your estimated battery life, whether you need to enter your car’s maximum capacity into the app, or tell it what vehicle you’re driving. In the app, you can already indicate that you drive an electric vehicle and even choose which plug types your car supports.

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