Google Pixel 7 won’t offer the latest 5G standard: report

Google Pixel 7, which was launched back in October 2022, is a 5G smartphone. Unfortunately, Pixel 7 users will have to wait some time to enjoy the latest 5G standard! This is because the Pixel 7 is still based on an older 5G standard. 9to5Google reports that 3GPP is responsible for the “development of mobile broadband standards” with a particular focus on 5G technology. These standards are published regularly. Now the Pixel 7 runs on the previous 3GPP Release 15 as opposed to the more advanced options currently available on other smartphones. That wouldn’t be much appreciated by Google Pixel 7 users who paid the highest dollar for their phones.

You should note that 3GPP Release 15 was introduced back in June 2018. This was later followed by Release 16 in July 2020. ‚ÄúRelease 17 came out in June 2022 and Release 18 is targeting 2024. Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon X75 with Release 17 and 18 support earlier this month,” the report reads. Reliability, ease of deployment and much more.

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According to a post by a user named Stark on the Android 13 QPR issue tracker on Reddit, a Google employee has revealed that the Google Pixel 7, which includes the Exynos 5300 modem, comes with Release 15 to ease its “first boot”. .” However, a brief mention of the Exynos 5300 on Samsung’s website from December 2022 claims that the modem is 3GPP Release 16 compliant.

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The Google employee further mentioned that “3GPP Release 16 is planned in the Android U version”. One possible interpretation is that the Pixel 7 is likely to receive a Release 16 update during the fall season, the 9to5Google report suggested. Meanwhile, several other rumors suggest that the Google Pixel 8 could feature the same 5300 modems as the Tensor G3, and it’s also possible that only the newer phone will be compatible with the new 5G standard.

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