Google Pixel screen freezing on Android 13 while using DoorDash

Google Pixel phones are common in terms of affordability and innovative features. They also stop threats with the help of their built-in security features and regular software updates.

Many Google Pixel users recently got the Android 13 update which came with various features like improved privacy settings and app theme customization.

However, there were also many problems that surfaced after the update. One such problem is the screen becoming unresponsive especially when using the DoorDash app.

Google Pixel freezes while using DoorDash

Many Pixel (1,2,3,4,5) users running Android 13 have reported an issue where the screen keeps freezing when DoorDash is in delivery mode.

Google pixel freezes when Doordash is in delivery mode

Anyone else encountered an issue with Google Maps and AA where you try to load navigation from a link and it doesn’t work? It doesn’t work for places I’m searching for and doesn’t load addresses while I’m doing Doordash.

My Doordash and Instacart are running super slow and freezing all the time. When I click to read the comments on a TikTok, they take forever to load. When I browse Chrome, it’s just as fast as my last phone, the Google Pixel 4. Not sure what to do? My internet speed is always great.

According to reports, when DoorDash is running in the background, the keyboard becomes unusable in any app, the activity shown isn’t updated, and users are unable to take calls.

For some users, the problem is not limited to DoorDash but also affects other apps like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Google Maps.

Victims have tried to force stop the app and clear the cache but to no avail.

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No official confirmation yet

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue where Pixel devices start to freeze when using DoorDash.

However, there is a workaround that may or may not work for everyone. This includes forcing the Doordash app to close and restarting the phone.

But the only real solution is to force close Doordash and restart my phone. Of course it will be returned the next time I start tracking an order.

This happens with DoorDash and Google Maps, usually the only fix is ​​a reboot (at least for the DoorDash bug). I think the error is caused by the Maps integration.

We hope that the team takes note of the issue immediately and acknowledges it at the earliest.

We’ll keep a close eye on further developments and update the article if anything of note emerges.

In the meantime, you can check out our Google Pixel Android 13 update tracker to learn about other issues.

Selected image source: Google

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