Google rolls out Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 update

Following last month’s Google Pixel Feature Drop update and Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update with new features and bug fixes, the company has started rolling out the first Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 update (quarterly platform release) to compatible Pixel devices send.

Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 fixes stability issues and specific issues for early adopters and developers. It has a build number of T2B3.230109.002 and is still using the January 2023 security patch. The following issues have been fixed in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3:

Issues reported by developers and users

Fixed an issue where notifications in a notification group would sometimes appear with straight corners instead of rounded corners. (Issue #264287776, Issue #265529116)

Fixed an issue where the message in the notification shade indicating an active VPN connection overlapped with the message about apps with active foreground services. (Issue #266075977)

Fixed an issue where the overflow menu could not be accessed when editing quick setting tiles. (Issue #263484657)

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a device with vibration enabled to vibrate for too long after receiving a notification. (Issue #239676913)

Other resolved issues

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused messaging apps to crash or not send notifications.

Fixed a GPU issue preventing apps from using certain visual effects.

Fixed an issue where Quick Set tiles for a work profile weren’t added after setting up a new device.

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Pixel Launcher to crash when using the search bar in the app drawer.

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a device from unlocking with a pattern after activating the Google Assistant.

Fixed an issue in the system process that sometimes caused crashes.

Fixed an issue with the Pixel launcher that prevented Chinese text input from being recognized when typing into the search bar in the app drawer.

Fixed an issue where when entering and exiting Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode from an app after changing the screen orientation, the System Settings app would crash with the message “Settings is suspended” and the System Settings app then could not be opened .

Fixed a system UI issue that sometimes caused a crash due to a null pointer exception.

Fixed an issue where the connection status of a Bluetooth device sometimes did not match the actual device status.

Fixed an issue where the Pixel Launcher would crash when a user tapped a web search suggestion for a search term.

Fixed an issue that caused status bar icons to overlap with date text when font and display settings were set to their maximum level on a device.

Here are the official Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 changelogs, along with the changes shared by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman:

Temporary taskbar: In Beta 3, the “transient” taskbar is no longer enabled by default as it was in Beta 2. The new launcher flag “ENABLE_MULTI_INSTANCE” allows creating and filtering multiple task instances in the overview and is disabled by default. If this option is enabled and there are multiple instances of an app, a new button will appear to filter recent and show only apps with multiple instances.

Hub mode: The “hub mode” code was available in Android 13 DP1 but was removed in later builds. Its return in Android 13 Beta 3 (QPR2) suggests the feature will no longer be abandoned.

The Wallpaper & Styles app: Wallpaper & Styles app is experimenting with full screen background preview UI. The lock screen and home screen options are divided into different tabs. The Home screen tab contains the dark mode toggle, color style options, and theme icon toggle.

New lock screen shortcut: A new lock screen shortcut for Do Not Disturb mode has been added, but the lock screen shortcut feature is still unavailable. The updated Wallpaper & Styles interface has been enhanced with Custom Clock and Shortcuts pages, which are split into two tabs for better organization.

3D wallpapers: The 3D wallpapers feature may be intended for the Pixel tablet. The WallpaperEffect app has returned in Beta 3, but the cinematic background feature is only available on large screen devices with multi-window settings/activity embedding enabled.

how to get it

Users can enroll in the beta program for their supported device to see these changes before they are released. If you were in the Android 13 beta, you should still be getting QPR updates.

Registering allows users to provide feedback to developers and identify issues with the QPR release. For those who can’t wait, Google has uploaded the image files to its downloads page here.


Devices compatible with the update include the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5G, Pixel 6 (6, 6 Pro and 6a) and Pixel 7 series.