Google’s Social Media Team Was Caught Using an iPhone to Market the New Pixel Lineup

An attempt to market the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro failed miserably when Google’s social media team was caught on Twitter marketing the latest flagships with an iPhone.

The text “Twitter for iPhone” was displayed by the official Google Pixel handle when posting about the latest Pixel series

A 3D artist named Ian Zelbo is well known in the Twitter space for posting highly detailed iPhone and iPad renderings. After sharing a picture via his account, he could now be part of the Twitter police for catching Google’s social media Pixel gushing about the latest smartphones while using an iPhone. Remember that every time you tweet something from an iPhone, the text “Twitter for iPhone” will appear, indicating that you are using one of Apple’s mobile devices to share something on the microblogging social network.

Others, of course, caught wind of Google’s mistake and decided to spy on the social media team responsible. The tweet was removed for obvious reasons, but not before the Pixel team attempted to steal the spotlight from Apple. When Tim Cook announced the launch of the M2 iPad Pro from this Twitter account on October 18th, the Google Pixel responded to that tweet on October 20th with its own, promoting the latest Pixel models and the NBA. This time, however, the social media team was cautious and posted via Twitter’s web app rather than using an iPhone.

The Google Pixel social media team has been caught using an iPhone

Needless to say, this move drew a negative reaction, with some people in the thread not forgetting what the Google team did previously. Mistakes like this can happen, especially when you need to publish posts every now and then. They often forget the consequences of their actions, and Pixel’s social media team found out the hard way. Last January, Samsung was caught promoting its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event with an iPhone, but this wasn’t the first time the company made that mistake.

An attempt to promote the Galaxy Note 9’s display in 2018 was poorly done as Samsung’s social media team was caught by MKBHD using an iPhone to post a tweet. The most important lesson from all of these incidents is to not use a competitor’s product when promoting your own. Hopefully next time Google’s social media will double check Pixel before posting tweets.

News source: Ian Zelbo

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