GrAI Matter Labs and Tuito are collaborating to develop a novel speech enhancement and source separation solution

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE). Expansion solutions in the market for automotive, industrial and enterprise audio applications.

The partnership brings together the companies’ expertise in advanced source separation and speech enhancement that can be leveraged for the most demanding environments in industrial, medical and robotic fields. The AI-based solution that Tuito and GML are developing will enable devices to quickly adapt to noise restrictions in the environment and provide groundbreaking and highly customizable speech and voice-enabled solutions for the transport and industrial sectors.

“GML’s life-ready AI will help users understand conversations in a natural and stress-free way like never before,” said Christian Verbrugge, Senior Director Business Development at GrAI Matter Labs. “We are very excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to bringing joyful experiences to our users in challenging environments.”

“Working with GML will help us create devices with a more intuitive and natural interaction for our customers in many challenging situations,” said Laurent Molac, CEO of Tuito.

About GrAI Matter Labs

At GrAI Matter Labs we deal with Life-Ready AI. Artificial intelligence as close to nature as possible. AI that feels alive. We deliver brain-inspired chips that behave like humans. AI that makes machines act and react on humans in real time. AI that provides high-fidelity, optimizes energy and maximizes efficiency, saving time, money and vital natural resources. Welcome to an AI-enabled future where consumer devices, robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality devices, surveillance cameras, and more make us more productive. Welcome to an optimized future.

About Tuito

Founded in 2018, TUITO is a French artificial intelligence technology company that has accumulated experience in audio signal processing and natural language processing, developing speech interaction solutions employing the most modern and powerful AI models and architectures. TUITO’s efforts aim to offer professionals natural and intuitive language interaction solutions to support workers as much as possible, as well as all potential users.

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